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Real estate is, and always has been, an appealing career path for entrepreneurs who are looking for financial freedom. Of course, the industry comes with its own challenges, so it’s important to be clued up and have some strong digital support behind you.

Successful realtors don’t do everything themselves. There is always an app, website, or product helping them pioneer their careers and keep them heading in the right direction.

Let’s dive into some of the best digital products you can use to boost your real estate business.


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Why Are Digital Products Beneficial?


Traditionally, we’d get all of our information from textbooks. While these are still incredibly helpful, digital products and tools make it easier to stay up to date.

Apps and websites will update to keep up with the times, and products will reinvent themselves to stay informed.

Plus, it’s way more accessible from wherever you might be on your real estate adventure.


1. Boomerang


When contacting clients, it’s essential that they are delivered at the perfect time. Boomerang lets you do all of that and more.

The in-built calendar helps keep track of what days you want emails to go out. Boomerang can easily be attached to your Gmail account.

Whether you want to schedule emails for later in the day when the time is right or you want to keep a clean and organized inbox, Boomerang can do it all.

Better yet, you’ll get a reminder if you haven’t heard back from someone and get prompted to send a follow-up.


2. 10 Ways to Invest in Real Estate With No Money in the Bank


If you are new to the real estate industry or thinking about kick-starting your business but you’re not sure where to begin, my book could be a great little assistant.

Starting from nothing can feel impossible, so getting some simple startup tips is more useful than you think.

Discover highly effective tools you can use to buy property & see real estate success, written by yours truly.


3. Teamwork


As your real estate business grows, the size of your team will grow along with it. Managing a big team doesn’t have to be complicated, so why let it be?

Teamwork helps businesses drive their efficiency by keeping everything in place so you can collaborate, grow, and manage clients. 

Teamwork helps to drive efficiency by simplifying operations so you can focus on scaling your business. It also eliminates chaos and prioritizes all the important stuff so your team can stay on track.


4. DocuSign


Paperwork can be a really long and complicated process, especially when it’s all on paper at the office.

Forget just getting the signatures—that’s the easy part. Filing, organizing, and not losing important documents can be stressful.

This is where DocuSign jumps in, making electronic agreements your go-to. 

There’s no more hassle of printing and scanning with legally binding electronic signatures. We are in a digital revolution, after all, and this is just another great digital way to keep all that behind-the-scenes info organized.


5. Finding, Fixing, and Flipping Properties


So, you’ve found a decent property, but you’re overwhelmed by how much work it needs to get it ready to go on the market?

That’s a really common issue in real estate, but we’ve got the product to help you flip properties with ease. This book will help you discover how even the most unadmirable property can quickly become a hit with clients.

You’ll learn all about negotiating with sellers, how to avoid classic mistakes, and how to find your dream team. All this goes into finding that diamond in the rough that becomes a prosperous real estate opportunity.



Digital Products Can Help Your Real Estate Business Flourish


The benefits of using digital products, apps, and sites speak for themselves. The world’s technology is moving forward, so why shouldn’t real estate follow suit?

My team and I are standing by to help you open more doors to financial freedom, so let’s chat!


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