So you’ve decided to join the world of Internet Marketing. Good for you! This is a wonderful way to gain personal and financial freedom. As you know, this will take a great deal of time and effort but if you are purpose driven, you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams. In this business, you must have an entrepreneurial spirit, a voice and a presence that attracts customers. A great way to do this is to present your presence! Your Internet Marketing Business greatly depends on your ability to get yourself out there. With so many different social networking outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, creating a presence online gives your potential customer a bit of insight as to who you are and what you are about. In this day and age, online technology rules everything, so it is important that your presence is presented in a way that will make you stand out from your competition.
Also, when you are presenting your presence online, you will need to decide beforehand what image you want to give your audience of yourself. You should be friendly and knowledgeable because this is what people identify with and will help to build a solid reputation through the different avenues of social networking. As your popularity increases, so will your business. Creating a high level of honesty and integrity will keep your blogs, websites and web pages buzzing. When others think of your name, they will also think of your product. Your main goal is to create a presence that will drive people to you and also keep them coming back time and time again.
Now, as you present your presence online, here are a few things to remember:
1. Postion yourself as a expert. You are the person that they need to talk to and get answers from. Never send them to another source. Share valuable information.
2. Present your personality. Be effective and friendly. If you are not approachable online, they are definitely not going to approach you in person.
3. Present yourself as the best person for the needs of your potential customers. Let the customer know that you have integrity, knowledge and a winning attitude. This will make them feel invited into your world. Whatever you’re selling, they will be more willing to buy because of the presence that you have presented via the internet.
Following these three tips will help you in presenting your presence online and establishing a customer base. Your success as an Internet Marketer will greatly depend on your name, your brand and your presence in the online community!
Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach