Six Interesting Places to Leave Your Drop CardsBecause of the perfect resemblance to money, drop cards are by nature attractive. In fact, a lot of business owners are now using drop cards to promote their business in many unusual places. Since drop cards are created to be “dropped,” the best places to drop them are in places where no one expects to see a drop card. The following are six interesting places to drop your cards:
1. In convenience stores. You may never realize it, but convenience stores are one of the best places to drop your cards because hundreds of people walk in and out of the stores to do a quick purchase. The good spots to leave your drop cards in the stores are on the shelves of items most visited by buyers.
2. Restaurants. Getting inside a restaurant means that you have to shell out cash to buy food, but use this opportunity to leave your cards on your table, chair and even on the floor. Leaving your drop cards inside the restaurant will surely increase your business promotion as people will obviously notice your cards.
3. Hair salon. What makes hair salon the best place to leave your cards is because you only visit the salon every once in a while to have your haircut or hair done as a woman. Use this rare opportunity to market your business by dropping cards on your on the floors discretely. Make sure to leave extra drop cards at the reception area while walking out to head home.
4. Department store. This is the place where everybody visits to buy everyday needs, and this is what makes the department store the best place to drop your cards. Once inside the store, make sure to drop your cards in blue jean pockets, leather coats, shoe boxes and on the floor.
5. During open houses. While attending open houses, it is also good to bring a number of your drop cards. As you go inside the, property you can then leave you cards in various places in the house, like in the living room, bedroom and kitchen at a the open house. Realtors are good prospects for your MLM business.
6. Airport. Of all the places where you can drop your cards, airports are perhaps the best of all because you can basically drop your cards anywhere you like—in the waiting area, in the bathroom, food court, magazine racks, etc. Aside from this, the airport is also a place where millions of people go to for travel.
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