The Benefits of Using a $100 Drop CardWhat would people likely do upon seeing a $100 bill on the street? Majority would pick up the money, try to look for someone who may have dropped it and report it to a security officer nearby. Some might simply pick up the money and get away with it, thanking his luck. Either way, one thing is certain—it is rarely an occasion that people would bypass money in front of them. Admit it, though in varying degrees, we are all attracted to money. This is exactly the philosophy behind the $100 drop card marketing. To review what are $100 Drop Cards go to
Dollar drop cards is a clever marketing strategy that is fast becoming a buzz in the US. Dollar drop card marketing works by using fake money (that looks so real!) as your business cards. These cards usually come in $5, $10, $20 and $100 bills, but as for me, the most effective one is the $100 drop card. The aim of this marketing strategy is to capture the attention of the people and remember the name of your company than the ordinary business.
This strategy is now being employed by various marketing specialists such as network marketers, income advisors, bankers, real estate investors, financial planners, insurance agents and car dealers. In fact, dollar drop cards is fast becoming popular that you can see this type of business cards almost everywhere – in coffee tables, market counters, in the office, in school. What actually makes this business card a success is its quirkiness – people are amazed and curious that they want to get hold of it and are even to show it to their friends, colleagues, relatives and other people they may know.

Watch this video and see how $100 Drop Cards work

You maybe asking, “How can I utilize this kind of business cards?” Basically, there are two ways: as the name suggest, you may drop or leave it anywhere you think most people can notice it, such as in the street, malls, fast foods, supermarket and office. Putting it in books and magazines, near ATM booths as well as under car wipers is also a wise move.
The second way is by giving it to other people, especially your prospective clients just like an ordinary business card. Imagine attending a business conference and meeting a prospective client for the first time. He may be handing you an ordinary, boring business card. Now, it is your turn, picture his face as you hand him a $100 bill! You may want to look at how amazed he may be when he flips it and discovers that it is not actually a bill but a business card! Chance is, he will not only remember you and your brand but also show your business card to others.
Though the idea of a dollar drop card is already attractive in itself, incorporating a powerful message in the card is likewise important. Think of a short yet catchy message at the back of the card that can make people remember your brand. Do not forget to include your website, office number and or a cellphone number. And lastly, remember that these cards should look like real money so pay much attention to their design and print-quality. You can go to to purchase your cards today.
So, if you are tired of distributing ordinary business cards and flyers that do not get noticed, then maybe it’s time for you to try the $100 drop card! For additional information on$100 Drop Cards, please visit
Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach