What are $100 Dollar Drop Cards?$100 dollar drop cards are the latest fad in advertisement and publicity. What does a person usually do when they see a dollar bill on the ground or anywhere else? They step on it and pick it up carefully so as not to be noticed by anyone. What do they do when they see a $100 dollar bill on the ground? They pick it up even quicker and with more care. That is the basis of the concept of the $100 dollar drop card.
Ninety five percent of the people in the world who see a $100 dollar bill just lying on a table or on the ground will pick it up. On the back of a perfectly made $100 dollar bill card is the name of your business and what you are offering them. They are business cards designed to attract everyone’s attention. They only look like bills on one side though, printing both sides like bills is illegal.

Check out a live video of how $100 Dollar Drop Cards work

Business people are using them all over the place; it is something that you can leave at a restaurant or the library inside a book. You can even drop them on the sidewalk and you can be sure that someone out there will pick it up and will read what is on the back of it. In fact it has been proven that many people, even though they are not interested in you or your company, keep the $100 dollar drop card and show it to their friends.
Normal, ordinary business cards are usually thrown away or shoved into a drawer in your desk to be forgotten forever. One of these will usually leave an impression in your mind because it is different, it is bold, and it is a great idea too. This is especially true if you exchange cards with someone at a meeting or restaurant and he gives you a regular ordinary card while you give him a flashy $100 dollar bill drop card. That person will be sure to remember you and your business for at least a while.
If you are thinking about doing this for your business do it now, soon it will not be a good idea anymore, as it will become boring and repeat itself so many times that it won’t be fun. If you chose to try it, make sure that your bill is perfectly realistic and not just some copy of a bill. Do not use small denomination bills, go all the way, use the $100 dollar bill on your cards, why sell yourself cheap like others are doing.
Up to now this has been a success for those who have tried it. Do it now and you will get the same results you need right now. Go ahead – print them and give them away, time is running put; do not let it catch you. It is an excellent advertisement idea and a good way to be remembered by potential prospects. If you want to order your drop cards today go to QueenOfDropCards.com See you there!

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach