Real Estate Boot Camp

3 Day Real Estate Boot Camp Mastermind Training

Learn to Master Real Estate and Generate Real Passive Income

Everything that you need to get started in Real Estate.
No Experience Needed!

Experience Annetta Powell Live

October – 15-17, 2021

No Money? No Problem.

Bad Credit. No Credit. No Money?

You will learn how to use OPM “other peoples money” to purchase properties to either flip or rent out to generate passive inflation-proof income. The closest strategy to creating money out of thin air…well unless you win the lottery!

Learn the Hardcore Facts on
Wholesaling, Flipping Properties and Landlording

Learn how to find and secure the best properties in your area and wholesale those properties to other investors without having to write a single check.

We will also teach you how to flip properties the right way. How to turn coal into diamonds by identifying properties that you can quickly add value to and flip for real profit. Best of all I will help you create a process that will help you find these properties with as little work as possible!

Landlording can be quite tricky to fully grasp. I will breakdown everything you need to know to determine if you want to landlord and exactly how to set up systems so that your systems run on autopilot.

Find buyers and tenants 10x faster

Have properties but don’t know how to find serious buyers?

You will learn how to find and vet qualified buyers/renters to increase your property turnover and to help you keep your units occupied with less rental vacancies.

Those that make the most noise.
Make the most money!

You will learn how to effectively brand yourself and make a huge splash in your market. Shy? I’ll help you get around that too!

I will also teach you how to create processes to free up your time. All you have to worry about is the checks.

Did you know that real estate creates new millionaires every single day?

The 2020 Real Estate Boot Camp is an intensive training designed to equip you with everything you need to get started building real tangible cash flow for yourself so that you too can become the next millionaire.

We will cover every real estate investment strategy.

WholeSaling, Flipping & Landlording

Every strategy under the sun, so that you can start finding and purchasing properties in as little as 30 days. This is a completely hands-on experience! We’re demystifying everything related to real estate investing so that it is easy to understand and likewise easy to get started

Why should you invest in real estate?

1. Passive Cash Flow – Waking up with more money than you had when you went to sleep.
2. Inflation Proof Income – Like gold, real estate holds its value and even during recessions when values may drop…property values usually return to even higher levels.
3. Generational Wealth – Not only does real estate provide predictable cash flow, but you own the cash flow producing asset. Which means that you can pass this down to your kids and grandkids with little to no tax consequences.
4. It’s easier than you think to get started. I will show you how!


MR. Nicholas and Catherine Cure

It was such an experience. Not only did we learn how to get into real estate but we also learned about ourselves throughout the entire process. I loved every second.

MR. Marlon and Monique Whetstone

We learned about personal development and what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. We went hands-on in the trenches seeing properties and filling out the inspection list to see what it really takes to fix and flip a property! Amazing experience!

Tamikia Samuels

This weekend has been absolutely amazing. We covered personal branding which is something I am deeply interested in. I also learned a ton about wholesaling, flipping properties, and when to become a landlord. We even got to go in the field and see the renovation process first hand!

The 2021 Real Estate Bootcamp is for you if:

1. You want to get into real estate but don’t know where to start.
2. You want to find better ways to add value to renovation projects so that you can achieve faster turnarounds and maximize profits.
3. You are interested in land lording, however, you aren’t sure how to find tenants and manage your units the right way.
4. You want to learn how to market and brand yourselves so that you can dominate your market.
5. You are ready to learn and take immediate action.