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Annetta’s coaching is about you as a whole person – your values, setting your goals, your wealth/career, your work-life balance, your fulfillment, and your life purpose. She will work closely with you to design a plan that is specific to your needs and aspirations. Then she will give you the guidance and insight and encouragement you need to turn your goals into reality and live the life of your dreams.

Hello, I’m Annetta Powell …

And my personal coaching is about you as a whole – your values, your goals, your wealth/career, your work-life balance, your fulfillment and your life purpose.

I will work closely with you to design a plan that is specific to your needs and aspirations.

Then I will give you the guidance and insight and encouragement you need to turn your goals into reality so that you can live the successful life of your dreams.

Learn What to Do & What Not to Do from Someone
Who Has Been Through it All

I’ve gone broke and I’ve served time in prison … but I’ve also become a published author, a well-known speaker and a serial entrepreneur.

Today, I am basically a money magnet – a person who knows how to build wealth through the creation of multiple income streams.

I was able to turn my situation around and I’m living my dream life.

Now that I am living my dream life, my mission is to help others master entrepreneurship and build wealth all at the same time.

Through experience, I have learned that true wealth is built from having multiple streams of income … and that’s exactly what I want to show you how to do.

My Accomplishments as an Entrepreneur:

  • Since 2002, I have purchased, renovated and sold more than 600 properties totaling $50 million dollars in real estate sales .
  • In 2007, I published my first book, “Finding, Fixing & Flipping” properties.
  • In 2018, I published my second book, “Indicted to Ignited”, which is a autobiography of my life.
  • I now own: Five tax franchises known as the Tax Experts; a luxury party bus company; a women’s clothing store; and I am still starting new business ventures as you read this.

I’ve become the very definition of a serial entrepreneur – and now I want to show you how you can do the same with personal coaching.

Building a Business is Not Easy – and Life
is Often Not Easy as Well

But I’ve learned that with vision, drive, personal coaching, and determination you can achieve your goals. I’m living proof of that. I now have a great desire to help others see just how powerful they are inside, too.

If you follow my lead you will learn how to create true freedom in your life. You will grow as an entrepreneur and as a human being. I would love to share my knowledge with you.

Here are just some of the benefits you can experience with me as your personal business coach. I will:

  • Help you see yourself much more clearly
  • Help you identify the gaps or roadblocks that exist between where you are and where you want to be – then I’ll show you how to overcome them
  • Get you to make thought, action and behavior changes that you are much less likely to make on your own and that are essential to your ultimate success
  • Provide you with the structure, accountability, and support you need to ensure sustained commitment

With me as your coach you will get crystal clear about your goals. You will also identify blind spots that are holding you back, often without you even realizing it – and there is much more. I will also help you:

  • Stay on track to success … and keep moving forward.
  • Recognize which weaknesses need fixing and which are best left alone
  • Get from point A to point B faster than you could on your own – you’ll gain a competitive advantage
  • Acquire valuable leadership skills
  • And I will help you feel happier about your life

That’s still not all. Personal coaching will also help you:

  • Find the most profitable money-making opportunities
  • Build a money-making business step by easy step
  • Overcome life’s challenges and achieve true success
  • Increase your confidence, passion and your drive to succeed

Without a Coach You Could be Severely
Limiting Your Career Success

You are also most likely putting yourself through unnecessary stress and uncertainty.

Trial and error is no way to start a successful business. Chances are you’ll be out of funding long before you figure it all out.

Let me be the trusted guide you need to achieve success as fast as possible. I can help you avoid costly mistakes and will make sure you stay on the fastest, most direct path to success.

I will help you identify and focus on what’s really important. I will accelerate your success.

To get started, choose one of the coaching options available below.