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One of the most essential but neglected parts of our lives is finding ways to set goals. Many individuals find goal setting particularly unnecessary or even irrelevant at times. However, having a clear idea of what to achieve is an important page in the book of life.

Without a sense of direction, we tend to drift apart and wander into the abyss, not knowing where we will end up. Setting goals helps us find meaning in our lives and spurs up a drive to achieve them.

Here are 10 ways in which you can set goals for your personal and professional success!




Probably the oldest terminology used for goal setting is the SMART framework.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

            A – Attainable

            R – Relevant

            T – Timely

Your goals should follow the SMART principle if they are to be achieved. These goals must have specific and detailed criteria and must not be vague. They must also be measurable and realistic, as having unattainable goals defeats the entire purpose of goal setting.

A realistic but short time period should also be set for your goals which would push you to work harder every day.


2. Stepping Stones


To achieve major goals, you must identify micro-goals that help pave the way and serve as stepping stones for your career. Unless you are born into the family of Rothchild, chances are you will have to work hard to achieve your goals.

Aim big but start small. This is the philosophy that you might have to follow to succeed in your personal and professional life.


3. Efficiency is Key


Whether you want to achieve something in your personal life or a professional one, being efficient is vital to keep track of your tasks and become organized.

Executives and individuals are highly disciplined and devote their time sticking to their schedules. It is important that you schedule your tasks in the correct way so as not to set unachievable deadlines (Remember the SMART goals!).


4. Identify Your Passion


Imagine working two shifts on a job that you have no interest in. Sounds unbearable! Now, imagine working the same amount of time on your favorite subject; it feels different now, doesn’t it?

Most of us don’t end up choosing career paths that we wanted as kids due to the responsibilities and the hustle-bustle of everyday life. However, moving out of your comfort zone and actively pursuing your passion can just be the most rewarding thing of your career. All it takes is one huge leap of faith in your capabilities and your skills.

If this seems difficult, try writing your life goal and sticking it to someplace where you get to see it every day. This single statement will push you to work harder to achieve your goals.


5. Ask Questions to Yourself


Spend some time daily to have a chat with yourself, ask questions, evaluate your life choices, and just try to understand yourself.

This mantra is often neglected by individuals who are so focused on the ends that they pay no heed to the means. It should be noted that the questions are relevant and specific.

For example, instead of asking, “How can I achieve this?” you should ask, “How can I achieve this in a short amount of time?”


6. SWOT Analysis


One of the fundamental tools used to evaluate any decision is by conducting a SWOT analysis.

S – Strengths

W – Weaknesses

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

Figure out your strong points; they are your assets. Hence, devoting time to them would be beneficial in the long run. If you encounter your weaknesses, ask for help. Working on your shortcomings will help you focus on your target and become successful professionals.

Identify what situations are worth taking a shot at and what situations to avoid. Conducting this analysis will help you formulate a strategy for achieving your goals.


7. Imagine and Picture


Imagine yourself winning an Academy award and delivering your acceptance speech. If your goal is to become a successful movie star, this might be the image you have for your future.

In order to achieve something, it must be imagined first. Nothing of significance ever happened unless someone thought about it first.


8. Benchmarking


Set an example for yourself. If you are in a turbulent relationship, find someone who is doing better in terms of love and ask for their advice. Professionally, you might want to benchmark a business or an individual who is at the place where you want yourself or your business to be.

Benchmarks help provide grounds for evaluating oneself with regard to your perceived future.


9. Networking


Build a professional network with individuals who have the same passion as you or whose goals align with your own. Listen to their stories and learn from their mistakes. Also, look for people outside your comfort zone and try to understand your situation from a different perspective.


10. Work-Life Balance


With the busy schedules and dedicated deadlines, it might get exhausting when you are trying to achieve your goals. Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of work-life balance when going out for a mission.

Setting goals that don’t interfere with your health or private life is the key to living a successful and fulfilling life. Just remember to keep them SMART and follow the instructions above to set your goals for personal and professional success.


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