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Understanding Affiliate MarketingPerhaps you might have heard a lot about making money online through affiliate marketing. And although it sounds interesting, you certainly don’t have a concrete idea on how this type of program works and how it could help you earn yourself some cash.


What is affiliate marketing then?


Affiliate marketing is hosting banners, links, and product information on a blog or a website and getting a flat percentage or fee whenever a visitor clicks and purchases through the links. To make it simpler, affiliate marketing is promoting or selling other people’s products and getting paid for each sale made.


One of the first websites offering affiliate programs is and its Associates program. Today, you can now register to other websites such as LinkShare, Dynamic Trade, or Commission Junction. From these sites, you can see a variety of other websites which you can affiliate, keep track of your affiliate earnings, send out year-end tax statements, issue checks and more.


Many people have experienced great success through affiliate marketing programs. It has allowed them to grow and develop their online business or showcase other people’s products and services while earning themselves significant sums of money. Taking out pay per click search engine advertisements brings traffic to your website by getting attention when a looker is seeking for a certain product or service that is being showcased through affiliate marketing programs.

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