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With the recent widespread digitization of business activities, it’s a smart choice to invest in a virtual tax office. While it might be an unfamiliar territory for some, it has proved to be an economical and reliable option to expand your business reach. With the development of convenient software, technological tools are made available at your fingertips. You can manage all your business without the hassle of a physical office.

The first step is investing in such technological tools and forming a team trained to keep the business running smoothly in a remote environment. While it may initially feel like a hassle, you can rest assured that it more than pays off since these are only one-time costs and need not be incurred repeatedly.

Stay with us till the end because we will be discussing some valuable stuff to help you clear your doubts.



Facts and Figures


There is great potential in the virtual tax industry in the progressing technological world. Let’s look at some figures. On average, a virtual tax preparer makes $67,166/year or $32/hour. Their salaries range from a minimum of $18,500 to a whopping maximum of $112,000 per year. The majority of the salaries range between $43,000 and $82,000.

This information is based on the data collected by ZipRecruiter. It is further backed by the Wealth Empowerment Network as they explain how there is incredible potential for virtual tax preparers even with existing contacts.

An added advantage to having a virtual tax business is that you work only 3 months of the year and earn an impressive amount of money if you use your skills to the maximum. An experienced pro, according to the Income Tax School, can earn as high as $100/hour. With millions of people looking to pay for professionals who can help with their tax returns, the potential for high earnings is well above what it seems.


Why Should You Invest In a Virtual tax Office?


Now that you know about the potential in virtual tax offices in terms of earnings, let’s discuss why it can be a perfect fit for you.

Make Your Life Easier

We’re in an era where everything can be monitored, and all activities can be conducted virtually. The tax industry should be no different. By investing in a virtual tax office, you are not only enabling your customers to access this convenience but also making things easier for yourself.

Investing in technological tools can save you a lot of time and energy by taking over some of your tasks. This can ease your workload as well as provide you with more time to focus on other important aspects to grow your business and boost your earnings. Crysta Tyus, the founder and CEO of has wonderfully explained the benefits of this increased convenience in her video.


Cut Down the Costs

Maintenance of an actual brick and mortar office can incur high costs and overhead charges. Bills like electricity, utility, rent, and other charges like office supplies and paper, etc., can significantly minimize your personal earnings after the payment of all expenses.

With a virtual tax office, you can save yourself from these avoidable costs and increase your net earnings as well as your fund base to invest in tools and strategies to further expand your business. This can include hiring more skilled employees or investing in their training, as well as increasing the marketing budget, etc. In both cases, the lowered overhead charges help increase earnings.


Widen Your Influence

A virtual tax office is more likely to attract more people because of numerous factors. Some of these include improved convenience, lowered transport cost, and lesser hassle of carrying and taking care of any required documents. It also enables you to reach people in farther areas since the virtual sphere has no bounds. Communication becomes smoother, and more modern services can be provided in a digital environment. Furthermore, investing in technological tools that can improve cyber security can help gain your customers’ trust.

Owing to all the above factors, you can broaden your target audience and influence more people with your marketing. This can be amazing for your brand image and leads to an increase in the revenue stream of your tax business, bringing you one step closer to your desired goals.

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