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Whether you’ve just started flipping properties or you’re a seasoned pro, when it comes to making a great first impression on potential buyers, how you stage your flip couldn’t be more important for quickly closing sales—and recent data proves it.

A 2021 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors® showed that staged homes sold approximately nine days sooner than properties that weren’t. In fact, 49% of sellers noted a significant increase in their final sale price when the home is staged versus when it’s not. If you haven’t made room for staging in your budget, you could be leaving serious money on the table, and who’s got time for that?

Thanks largely to COVID-19, buyers are placing even more value on great pictures and videos during their property search. It’s up to you to ‘wow’ them with visuals by creating inviting, practical spaces they could see themselves living or working in. Of course, interior design isn’t everyone’s forte—I get it. That’s why me and my team of real estate investors have put together this list of top dollar ways you can stage your flip for a maximum ROI. 


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1: Enhance Your Curb Appeal


We’ve all heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but let’s face it, most of us do it anyways, and home buying is certainly no exception. You want the outside of your property to stand out and grab buyers’ attention before they’ve even stepped through the door.


Add Landscaping


Installing or tidying flowerbeds with seasonal shrubs and plants is an easy way to give your flip instant curb appeal. Clean up edging and install fresh mulch or rocks. You can also invest in landscape and soffit lighting for a more upscale and dramatic effect at night. 




Sometimes all it takes is a little paint to make a big difference. Painting your front door and window shutters a vibrant color is a great way to make your exterior pop. Just be sure it matches the rest of the home and that it’s been cleared by your HOA, if you happen to have one. 


Clean Walkways, Siding, Roofs, & Driveways


If you don’t own a power washer, we suggest you rent one for your house flipping endeavors. Cleaning walkways, driveways, siding, roofs, and gutters are a brilliant way to spruce up the exterior of your property for a minimal cost. 


Add Stylish Outdoor Furniture


If you have room for it, add welcoming furniture like seating to your porch or patio and expand the living space. Not only does it look great, but it also adds value too.


2: Highlight the Kitchen


Upgraded kitchens (and bathrooms) sell homes, which is exactly why you should be paying extra special attention to yours when you stage your flip

Ideally, a kitchen makeover should net a 70% return on the sale of your property, but that depends on which features and upgrades you choose. Yes, kitchens can be one of the more costly undertakings when flipping properties, but I assure you it’s worth it in the end.


Keep Your Counters and Windows Clutter-Free


Eliminate any clutter from your countertops and windows to make your kitchen feel more spacious and brighter. Aside from a couple decorations, you don’t want much else taking up your counters when you stage your flip. A couple of thoughtfully placed apothecary jars, nice cookbooks, or accessories and a little greenery will surely do the trick.

If you’ve installed under-cabinet lighting, make sure to keep them on for pictures and walk-throughs. They add an element of luxury to your countertops and better illuminate the space.


Highlight Pantries and Storage Areas


If your flip boasts a pantry, you need to show it off. Organizing cabinets and pantries offers a special touch that appeals to everyone. Demonstrate the space’s flexibility by using matching storage bins to de-clutter the shelves. 


Polish Fixtures and Appliances


Take the time to polish your plumbing fixtures and appliances, especially if they’re stainless. It’s a great way to make your kitchen shine—both literally, and figuratively.


Add Flowers


If there is one thing people always seem to appreciate, it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers. The smell, the look, the chicness… What’s not to love? Of course, fake flowers and plants work too, just make sure they don’t look too cheap. The idea is to add value, not detract from it. You can also use real or fake fruit for the same effect. A couple of fake lemons thrown into a large, lidded glass jar is an inexpensive trick that looks like something right out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.


3: Reexamine Your Furniture Placement


Have you ever heard that rooms feel bigger when all the furniture is flush with the walls? Well, whether you have or you haven’t it simply isn’t true. Create inviting spaces with strategic furniture placement and pieces that clearly indicate the room’s traffic flow. Not only will your room feel larger, but it will appear more welcoming too.

Also remember to reduce the amount of furniture in each room. Less really is more, so over-crowding your space is a great way to discourage buyer interest. You want people to be able to easily move in and out of one room to another, and to access the space’s most notable features like large windows, built-in bookshelves, or fireplaces.


4: Make The Bedrooms Luxurious


Did you know Americans spend nearly a third of their lives sleeping? Even more reason bedrooms, especially the main one, should be staged as an oasis of cozy comfort. Soft colors, luxurious sheets, and linens on a freshly made-up bed, coupled with a fluffy duvet cover and a couple decorative throw pillows give potential buyers an undeniable feeling of richness.

Keep nightstands and dressers clutter-free, with a few decorative elements placed throughout and add a large mirror for the illusion of more space. Finish the look with some flameless pillar candles and it’ll feel like a serene sleeping paradise.


5: Incorporate A Functional Office Space


With more Americans than ever working and going to school from home, having a functional office space in your flip design is a feature that could make or break the sale. 

Not everyone has the space to dedicate an entire room, and that’s okay! If you don’t, get creative! Office spaces can be in the corner of the living room, a nook in the kitchen or spare room, or even an old linen closet will do the job. As long as it’s distinct in its purpose, buyers are sure to love it. 


6: Accessorize and Add Pops of Color


Simply put, the accessories you choose when staging your flip matter. Opt for decorative elements with pops of color, but not so loud that it’s the focal point for the entire space. For the most part, buyers want clean, bright, and open spaces. Crisp, neutral whites and grays are great as a base pallet for larger rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Highlight grand features like fireplaces and shelving with wallpaper, and incorporate color bursts in accent walls, flowers, plants, vases, art work, throw pillows, books, blankets, or decorative candles.

In smaller spaces like half baths or dining rooms, don’t be shy—bold colors or wallpapers work well here! As long as it’s not some wildly obscure pattern, buyers will appreciate it.


Flipping Properties with A Real Estate Expert


There are other ways to stage your flip, but these are just some of the top six ways to get the biggest bang for your buck. With the typical 1.3% staging investment yielding an average of $40,000 more than the original listing price, can you really afford not to stage your flipped property? 

Let’s build something together. 

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