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Since we all have been forced to stay at home and practice social distancing I could not help but notice how much more we have been socially connecting. Surprisingly, our connections are not stemming from us breaking the rules but connecting on our social media platforms. Using live video to build your brand has never been more appropriate. 

Across the globe there are over 2 billion…yes you heard me ‘billion” users on popular social media. Although media outlets such as CNN did a fine job of expanding the hysteria of COVID-19, social networks were the primary vehicles. With knowing the power of social media platforms, why not use this time to build relationships with your audience by gaining their attention. There is no better time than now to use your social handle to reach a wider audience.


How To Successfully Use Live Video To Build Your Brand

From 2017 until now popular platforms Facebook and Instagram accumulate about 2.6 billion users monthly. The power to bring together this many individuals is just incredible. Facebook and Instagram which was recently acquired by Facebook have been growing astronomically as well as evolving with new technology and features. One of their latest features and very useful might I add is the live video streaming. Live video streaming is fun, engaging, entertaining, and very useful in connecting directly with your customers and potential customers. What’s even better is live videos allow your audience to actively engage in the brand’s storytelling. Consider these facts:

– People spend 3x longer watching live videos compared to pre-records

– 80% of brand audiences prefer watching a live video to reading a blog post

– 82% of audiences prefer a brand’s live video over a social post

If you are familiar with live videos, awesome! If you are not familiar then read below for the following innovative and very effective strategies of using live Facebook and Instagram videos to grow your business.


Organize a Q&A Session

Q&A sessions are amazing because it not only creates a medium between you and your audience but it pushes them to engage. Your live video can pose a topic regarding your product or services. Instead of your clients having to search for your Frequently Asked Questions page, ( in which sometimes answers everything but your question) they can ask you directly. This allows you to give a compelling story as well as lay rest to any damaging myths about your product.


Invite Influencers to Participate

It is always great to have experts join a topic of discussion, however, it is even better when that expert is an influencer as well. Consider collaborating with influencers in your industry who has a background in the topic of your live video. Now it can be difficult at times to find an influencer “and” expert in your industry. However when you run into roadblocks such as this consider using tools like Grin or Buzzstream, which are both expert and niche-focused. Also, the unique thing about going live with someone else is their viewers become your viewers and vice versa. Which in turn grows your following and most importantly your customer base. Just recently an entrepreneur by the name of Bea Dixon founder of The Honey Pot Company did an Instagram Live video with another individual discussing entrepreneurship, her company, and the other individual’s company. After about 30 mins they had a little of 5k viewers streaming in.


Share Live Event Coverage

Your brand consists of so much more than increasing your audience. It’s about your audience being able to know your why without you having to verbally explain. One of the best ways to give your brand definition is to organize and share real-time coverage of your event. Events are vehicles that will help your brand be recognized in your industry. It is highly encouraged that you do live streaming on different platforms simultaneously to maximize the spread of knowledge to a larger audience.

A good example of this would be the in-home concerts that artists all around the world have been participating in. John Legend hosted a concert in his living room a few weeks ago in his robe. His live concert generated over 100K views.


Broadcast the Launch of a New Product


Even before this pandemic reared its ugly head, broadcasting live product launch videos was a very popular way to introduce new products and services. Brands around the world took notice of their boost in sales due to the buzz the broadcast created. The first auto company to use the Facebook live feature was General Motors. General Motors used Facebook live to launch the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, which had over 400shares and about 60K viewers.


Why Else Should You Use Live Video To Build Your Brand?

Live videos are possibly the best way to connect and engage with your audiences and strengthen your relationships with them. Because of the Facebook and Instagram Live video features, you can connect with your audience wherever and whenever. The above-mentioned strategies are not the only ones but are among the best ways to use live videos.

With the given strategies connect with your audience and develop strong relationships with them. Using Facebook and Instagram live video features you can engage your audience at any moment. While everyone’s screen time is up 110% due to the world’s circumstances go live and show the world why they should do business with you.

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