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Blogging Money

How to Make Money through Blogging

Making money by blogging is really not a hard thing to do. But of course, you still have to keep in mind that being a successful blogger depends on the effort you exert in producing high quality content that caters the needs of your audience, increasing your readership, and testing new opportunities for you to showcase your prowess. Here are some of the ways to help you start making money through blogging:


  • Joining an advertising program. Google Adsense is one of the most popular and easiest to learn advertising program. It offers a variety of pay-per-click text, display, and video advertising opportunities.


  • Joining an Affiliate Advertising Network. Various advertising networks link online advertisers with publishers/bloggers, and one example of this is Commission Junction.


  • Joining an Affiliate Advertising Program. Signing up as an affiliate of companies with this type of program could help you earn money. Try out Amazon Associates.


  • Publishing posts and reviews for pay or perks. You can post content in your own blog for pay or write for websites that pay for product reviews or posts.


  • Selling your own ad space directly to advertisers. Once you have an established blog with a sizable audience, then you can start attempting to sell your ad space directly to advertisers. If you do, you can consider They will link bloggers like you to potential advertisers.


  • Selling merchandise. You can utilize a lot of websites to create your own online store and sell custom or stock merchandize. CafePress, Zazzle and Printfection are some of these websites.


  • Joining a blogging network. There a numerous blog networks that hire bloggers to write for them. Some pay a flat fee per blog post or give a certain percentage to the blogger depending on the number of clicks that his or her post gets while some give both these incentives.


  • Becoming a professional blogger. If you have the writing skills and the ability to engage your readers with your content, then you can consider working from home as a professional blogger. There are absolutely a lot of websites offering paid blogging jobs. But keep in mind that the pay rate for bloggers varies drastically so always stick with your long-term blogging goals.


There are a variety of ways to earn money through blogging. You just have to exert extra effort to find out and learn about these. For more information on ways to make money through blogging, and other blogging tips, subscribe to my blog.

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Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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