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Should I Blog or Not?

Blogging has been a popular term in the online scenario. The word is a simple activity that puts thoughts, ideas, information, and experiences into online documents of words. There are many reasons why individuals or groups involve themselves in such activity. The satisfaction of such tasks depends on the aim and objective of the writer or group of writers.

The reasons why so many people are blogging can be summarize into three categories; for personal utilization, for business purposes, and for organizational advocacy. The categories can provide ideas to people that have an interest to blog and to those persons who want to know more about blogging.

Blogging for personal utilization

The early years of blogging were mostly to share, express, and contribute information and experiences of people. The activity continues up to the present and still many individuals have sought this action as their means of touching and communicating their minds, feelings, and personal encounters to the world. Different people of different distinguishable personalities have used the blog.

Their blogging topics, subjects, or concerns vary in the writers’ interests and intentions. To mention some current popular blogging areas we can include entertainment blog, news blog, sports blog, and fashion blogs. Personal blogging has found its way as people’s online habits continuously fill the internet database.

Blogs for business purpose

The current internet business situation has used blogging as a means to increase business sales and productivity. Businesspersons and companies have utilized blogs to convey their intention to gain appreciation, consideration, or approval of many online customers. The businesses involve can be a service or a product. The people involved in this blogging activity can be a single entrepreneur or a business entity. The blog content can be a direct offer to buy a product or avail a service.

Other blogs are invitations to visit a website or an online business platform to increase traffic and to convert this traffic to gain. Blogging has been a powerful medium of marketing and sales. This blogging type is noticeable in many search engine results and websites.

Organizational advocacy blogging

This blogging activity is for a certain advocacy of groups of individuals to specific cause or aim. The blog serves to gain consideration and support of others for their programs or activities. Many government and private organizations have used blogs to represent their objectives and concerns.

The blog has been very effective and helpful to numbers of organization who sought this activity as their way of reaching the world. Presently, there are increasing quantities of blogs sites that cater to this type of bogging content. The good thing about this blogging is that people have found ways to bridge other people of other nations and ask them for help, support and concern.

The reasons that make people blog are mostly under these three categories. For those persons who wish to blog can assess their intention base on these categories. Once a writer knows what kind of blogging areas or topics in which they want to be involved, they can apply their acts and plans towards attaining the blog of their interest.

Yours Sincerely,

Anneta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach

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