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Marketers need to be on top of their game to develop the most unique and successful branding strategies. Using key insights from insiders and understanding customer perceptions can make branding even more effective and profitable.

Here are 10 branding facts you can use to completely revamp your brand’s marketing!


Fact 1: 64% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that share their values.


Inculcating specific values has a lot of impact on people. Therefore, a brand’s stance on a social or political issue matters to consumers. For example, being a vegan or cruelty-free brand can attract a significant number of consumers who believe in the cause.

However, being true to the values you choose to adopt as a brand is significant. Faking interest in a social cause for publicity can backfire if consumers see through it.


Fact 2: Emotive marketing works to draw more customers for brands than rational marketing.


By using tear-jerking and emotional marketing tactics, a brand is bound to grab consumers’ attention and imprint itself in customers’ minds.


Whether it’s Metlife connecting with consumers through emotional storytelling or an inspiring Nike Ad focused on leadership, brands captivate audiences and build a solid customer base. Empathy creates recognition and relatability for customers, which ordinary statistics cannot match.


Fact 3: Before buying from brands, 97% of consumers look at customer reviews.


With digital marketing on the rise, the voice of consumers dominates everything else. What customers have to say about your brand’s products and its services forms the opinion of other customers considering buying from you.


Therefore, a couple of bad reviews can damage your brand name, in addition to sinking your sales.


Fact 4: On average, 84 percent of consumers remember the company’s name on merchandise.


Making people remember your brand is a quality many branding experts stress. Once your brand name becomes memorable, people find it easier to refer it to others or buy from the brand itself.

The perfect way to elevate brand recognition is, therefore, through your company’s merchandise. Products launched to promote your brand’s name can help people remember your brand easily.


Fact 5: Customer experience is an important factor to consider purchasing for 73 percent of consumers.


Branding does not end with the product your brand delivers. 73% of people prefer a brand with approachable and accommodating customer service.


Therefore, a crucial part of branding is to work on improving the overall customer experience of your brand rather than investing everything in the product your brand offers.


Fact 6: User-generated content influences the purchasing decision for 79 percent of people.

The age of digital media requires brands to stay active on social media platforms. Hence, generating relatable content for users on social media plays into the process of effective branding.

With a massive chunk of the population depending on user-generated content to formulate their opinion about a brand, marketers know where their priorities lie. If a brand’s content is engaging, eye-catching, and in line with the latest trends, it can highly influence consumers to buy its products.


Fact 7: Brand recognition jumps to 80% if a signature color is associated with it.


Colors have a distinct way of evoking an emotional response in our brains. This is why brands spend millions of dollars developing logos with specific colors that resonate with their consumer audiences.


Hence, using the right colors for your brand is key to shaping its perception among people.


Fact 8: Self-promotion-dominated social media platforms of brands lead to around 45% of consumers unfollowing them.


It is highly likely for people to purchase a product from your brand if they follow it on social media. However, social media feeds filled with brand promotions can lead to people unfollowing you.

To maintain a steady number of followers and thus a steady number of consumers, it is important for brands to keep self-promotion at a minimum.

Fact 9: An existing customer base makes up 65% of a company’s business.


Brand Loyalty is a pertinent part of branding, especially if most of your sales come from already existing customers.

This means catering to the individual needs of your current customer base should be a priority.


Fact 10: Advertisements are avoided by 74% of people.


Advertisements can often become the bane of customers’ existence. Hence spending a considerable amount of your brand’s budget on ads can be unwise.

Marketing and managing your brand through other interactive ways can be a much more productive way to make an impact on consumers.

Final Word on Branding Facts

There you go! A list of facts about branding to help you conquer the branding world. So, the next time you sit down to draft your brand’s marketing strategy, keep these facts in mind as they can help you with making branding decisions.


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