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From expert skillsets to awareness and authenticity, companies need to consider several traits to create a strong personal brand. Want to know the secrets of the personal brands created by Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Tim Ferriss, and many others?

The good news is that the following guide presents the top five attributes which all businesses should consider for building an effective personal brand.



Five Attributes To Make a Successful Brand

Personal branding is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the audience about the value of the offered products or services.

Companies need to ask specific questions before creating a brand:

  • What sort of impression to leave on the audience and customers?
  • How do you want people to feel about your brand?
  • How much is the brand willing to connect to the audience emotionally?

The answer to these questions has led to the following shortlisted attributes which every personal brand should possess to build a compelling story.


#1: Authentic


The goal is to be the best version of your authentic self to the target market. Authenticity is driven by the core values of any company, which helps them differentiate from the rest of the market.

Why do you think people follow Tony Robbins online and attend his seminars? His genuine content and authentic charisma attract the audience because of his true personality. All other influential personal brands follow the same rule, whether it’s Leonardo DiCaprio, Mo Farah, Neil Patel, or Seth Godin.

The audience appreciates the authenticity offered by any business or individual without being fake or copying someone else.

Companies tend to confuse originality with self-praising; however, these two attributes are opposite. You don’t need to brag about the unique value proposition, more knowledge, or distinct skillset to the customers. Conversely, the audience is more interested in your offerings and how they can benefit from you.

Hence, communicate effectively, keeping a humble yet confident tone to establish your distinct value proposition so that the audience considers you the subject-matter expert.


#2: Relevant


What’s more important? Customer or product. Mind that it’s always the customer who decides the success or failure of a product. It won’t matter if you offer an innovative product backed by technological breakthroughs if the customers don’t find it relevant to their needs or wants.

The primary purpose of any product or service is to solve any individual, household, or societal problem. That’s why creating a personal brand that resonates with the customer’s requirements is essential.

This way, the companies go to lengths communicating about the features that solve the customer’s needs. For example, Nike has the most straightforward yet successful personal brand tagline, “Just do it,” allowing the customers to feel empowered and athletic.


#3: Compelling


It’s one of the most challenging yet effective attributes of creating a successful personal brand. The objective is not just to attract new customers but to retain existing customers by sharing compelling content online and offline.

The companies don’t just need to focus on the message but also on the mode of media or communication, graphics, colors, and the overall brand story. That’s why companies invest in creative designers, content creators, and storytellers to create compelling content to keep engaging with the target audience.


#4: Consistent


What do you think of personal brands with a creative team who only posts once a month? Obviously, the brand will lose customers’ interest due to inconsistency in communication.

Hundreds of brands come to the market and vanish in no time because they fail to be consistent in their awareness campaigns and customer engagement.

A company’s goal should be to communicate and engage with customers every chance they get. And they should create opportunities for engaging with customers by being active on media, such as online, TV, social media, newspaper, and magazines.

It requires an initial investment, but the results are sweet if you persist with the right strategy.


#5: Trustworthy


A personal brand is a promise a company makes to its customers. Hence, businesses should deliver the service as promised. The customers should have faith and confidence in your product and service quality.

Many companies fail to deliver the product since they overcommit earlier. As a result, it costs them their brand reputation, market share, and total revenue.


More Tips For Building A Strong Personal Brand


Creating a successful brand is one of the most daunting tasks for companies. However, if the company or the individual possesses the above attributes, they can create a compelling brand that the customers trust blindly.  All you need to do is be authentic, genuine, relevant, compelling, and consistent in your communication with the customers.

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