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But twitter is dead….oh really? 

As of the year, 2019…which is this year btw…Twitter averages over 330 million users…per month.


Yes, millions! 


By not branding and marketing your business on Twitter you are leaving a lot on the table when it comes to reach and visibility. Twitter could be the medium to help you edge out your competitors and gain some market share in your industry.  

Building your brand on twitter not only helps you connect with your audience but it could also open up tons of new opportunities for your business. 

Alright, let’s dive in! 


1. Create your profile.

Don’t have a profile yet? Go ahead and create one using your business email and business name. 

When creating your profile you want to make it a visual representation of everything your business is about.  


  • Set a clear cover image representative of your brand and what you do.
  • Use a high-resolution picture of your face for your profile (makes it personal…no logos here)
  • Write a clever bio. (Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine thru!)
  • Link to your website and any other relevant content related to your business.


Here’s a great example that most of us knows and loves. ChikFila!

For this use case using a logo is perfectly acceptable. They have a clear and relevant header image showing off their newest items. 

2. Follow The Authorities in Your Industry!

One way to gain a lot of exposure is to get active in the conversations relevant to your industry. Follow the influencers / major players. You can create a list beforehand to make it easier. Most businesses have their twitter profile’s on their websites or you can use the Twitter search function. 


What to do once you are following them?

  • Join in and respond to their tweets.
  • Retweet their posts.
  • Or just say hello!


Get personal and build organic relationships by offering to help or provide additional information when needed. Organic always wins! 

3. Get active daily


You don’t have to post every minute but the more consistent you are the greater the results will be. Spend time engaging with your new followers and seek out people that might be interested in your product or service and interact with them. 


I recommend setting specific times of day to post new content and engage with your users. If you’re time-strapped which you most likely are, you can hire a content manager to do all of this for you. 


I also recommend that you plan out your content in advance so you aren’t scrambling for things to say / post. This helps you keep your content engaging. 


Don’t forget to post whenever you update your website with new content!

Do you see how Chik-Fil-A responds and interacts with its customers/fans! It may look like nothing but it tremendously helps them build brand/customer loyalty. 

4. Provide massive value


Want to grow and have the greatest impact? Provide free value!

Post your own content that your audience would find useful and retweet other posts that they may also have an interest in.  This helps to keep your feed valuable and entertaining for your followers. 

Do this consistently enough and you will have your followers coming to your page just to get their daily dose of knowledge or wisdom!


5. Be personal


Everything you post does not have to be business-related. Every now and then post your new favorite iced coffee or maybe a picture of you doing something business-related. 

This can be anything!

  • Pictures of your dog
  • Your favorite eatery
  • Or anything you love that is behind the scenes of your business


This takes the business aspect out of your content and lets your followers know that you are indeed a real person. Not some robot firing off and retweeting posts based on some algorithm. 

This creates an atmosphere that encourages real engagement and real value. 

Most importantly…. Be authentic! 

Be yourself and let everything that is you and your business shine through! 


If you follow these 5 steps your Twitter presence will grow and you will gain new customer loyalty for practically free.


So again I ask, Why aren’t you using Twitter? 



Create or edit your twitter account based on the steps outlined above!

Drop your Twitter profiles in a comment below and I’ll tell you what I think! 



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