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You may have done the first few steps by setting up your business and wondering, ‘is marketing important?’ The short answer is yes. A brand can’t grow much without it. Therefore, it is a crucial step that one must ace. 


Engaging with customers




Marketing is an effective way to engage with customers, which is very important for a successful business. It allows the customer to not only be made aware of your existence but also be reminded of it time and time again.

After all, a customer needs to know of your brand or have a top-of-the-mind recall every time they are in the process of making a purchase decision. The best way to directly engage with customers is social media marketing because such platforms keep the conversation going.

To ensure that customers engage, though, marketing content should be fresh and interesting. A few organizations use short videos and other humor-laden tricks to engage their customer base.


Competitive Advantage



In today’s world, the competition is absolutely worrying and so, having a competitive advantage over all your potential competitors is extremely important. Marketing can give you that leading edge over your competition. A key component for good marketing is research into understanding your target audience and knowing what the competition is up to.

Collectively, that can allow you to craft more meaningful messaging and branding as opposed to other companies in your industry. In fact, many of the factors in gaining a competitive edge mostly boil down to marketing.


Business Expansion



A big part of your business’ growth is dependent on the results you bear from marketing. Poor marketing does not give you the capacity to expand. Customers need to know enough about you to ensure that the cost of expanding is worth it.

Whether expanding means opening additional franchises or simply increasing the number of customers, marketing is needed to support the growth of your business. The bottom line of any business is to make money, and marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal.


Brand Image



Branding and marketing go hand-in-hand In order to build and maintain a positive brand image, marketing is very important. A business can make mistakes, for instance, and a great way to remedy such a problem and fix a brand’s image can be done through marketing.

As we discussed earlier, marketing is a great way to engage with customers. So, any kind of useful information can be conveyed through it and uphold the reputation and image of your brand.


Customer Satisfaction


You may have the perfect product or service in place, and you may even have done your due diligence to know that the customer wants it. However, how you choose to approach the customer with the product is actually what matters. You can talk all about the services you offer, but that isn’t what the customer cares about.

The customer cares about how the product will help them and why they should buy it. That is what marketing conveys, and if done correctly, customers will feel happy about their purchase since the product solves their problems. It is this feeling of satisfaction after purchase that also leads the customer to buy your product again, therefore becoming a loyal customer.




In sum, marketing may be the single most important factor in building your business. It is a crucial step that you must never overlook. Especially in today’s market, the world is awash in innovative products, services, technologies, etc. Every other person is looking to find an edge over the other, and gaining rapid success in a global, technologically advanced market is definitely not easy.

So, this process must not be rushed. Becoming efficient in marketing can take a lifetime to achieve, but in order to continuously make revenue higher and costs lower, it is important to keep improving on your current efforts. And as businesses continue to be driven by innovation and beyond, marketing must be embraced, developed, and valued more than ever.

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