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Email marketing does wonders by keeping in touch with your customers and prospects. However, there is a really huge difference between simply running an email campaign and maintaining a savvy one that drives traffic to your site and convert your readers to regular customers.


As a business owner, you have to learn how to maximize your email marketing campaigns especially if you are utilizing a paid email marketing campaign software.


Split testing is a powerful means in online marketing to determine which combinations actually generate more sales. You can do this by testing several variables on your website. You can get started with your own split test by clicking on your email management program’s help section. Top email management programs include Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, ConstantContact and iContact. These along with other email management software offer split testing as a default function.


Scheduled email campaigns are not the only ones that you can split test. You can also split test broadcast messages as well. Unlike the former ones, broadcast messages are timely announcements of product launches and other significant events. Split test both the call to action and subject line in your broadcast messages.


Having your customers’ email addresses gives you the benefit to conduct a market research. Set up a survey about your areas of concern and get their feedback through email. This way, you can have an honest and reliable response straight from your customers.


Annetta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach

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