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Email marketing is the process of advertising your products or services through sending electronic mail to your customers. In a world where everyone is using the internet, email marketing is something a business just can’t do without. Don’t worry about where to get the email addresses, start from your potential customers and referrals then, if you find a need for more, you can buy email address databases.

Email marketing is one of the best marketing ways because it is so easy, cheap and fast. Just imagine – traditional mail marketing required printing and postage fees; on top of that your mail would take a long time before reaching your customer. At the same time it is easy for your customers to forward those of your adverts that they like to their friends and in the process you can get unbelievable number of referrals. You may just need to pay for the writing of the advertisements and maybe editing some graphics, if any.Email Marketing

Email marketing also offers you the ability to send personalized messages. People always respond when the advert is directly connected to them, from the first time they set their eyes on the mail. So email marketing gives you the chance to address your products differently to different audiences, hence making you achieve maximum returns. Making it more personal also does you good, because it kind of creates a relationship between you and your customer, something very healthy for a business.

It also helps you to increase the number of your website visitors, as it gives you the chance to create links to your website or even affiliate websites. Email marketing is easy to track. It is possible to know how many emails have been opened and which link exactly was opened. This helps you to know which set of words make the sale. You may find one email making you sales from a particular audience when it is doing nothing from another.

Another good thing about email marketing is that it can reach a large number of people within a short period of time. You deliver your message to your customers when you like, unlike a website where you just have to wait for people to come and visit. No matter where your targeted customer is you can reach them, since email marketing can be done globally.

In the earlier years you would have to wait for at least one week before you could even get some feedback from your direct mail campaign, now you can get a fast response through email. Once a individual has an interest in your product, they will reply immediately.

Just like any other strategy of marketing, email marketing can produce great results to those who do it right. In order to continue constantly getting benefits out of email marketing, you need to send good content. This will always remind them about you if your advice helped them in any way but, if they are not impressed by what you send them, you may find your e-mails going to their trash bin.

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