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Are you ready to take the next big step and start your own business? In the U.S., 70% of small businesses are owned and operated by one person, which is amazing news for you!


A word of caution, though, starting a business is not all sunshine and roses. But if you do your homework and play it smart, there’s no reason you won’t succeed!


To nudge you in the right direction, we outline a few things to help you become a savvy entrepreneur. Buckle up and read on to begin your journey in the business world.


#1 Research Your Idea


Research seems to be a trendy word, especially for budding business owners like yourself. Apart from an out-of-the-box business idea, here’s what else you should research.


  • Current economic trends: Is the economy heading for a boom or a recession anytime soon?
  • Competitor analysis: Do you have any competitors for your product/service? What’s unique about your offering?
  • Identifying your customers: Who are your potential customers? What are their demographics, personality, and behavior? How much are they willing to pay for your product?

You can throw around online surveys to collect more insights about your business idea. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much research, so don’t shy away from it!


#2 Arrange the Dollars


It’s great that you are excited to put your business plan into action. But wait. Where are the dollars coming from? Do you plan to pay for your business out of your pocket? Or are you more interested in taking a loan?


There are a few options to explore depending on your business idea.


  • Bootstrapping: You can invest in your own company if you have the required amount saved up.
  • Get an investor: If you have a unique idea, you can directly pitch it to an investor. Once approved, the investor will plug in the money with a certain share in equity (ownership of a business) or profits.
  • Apply for a loan: Debt financing is a great option if you want to start your business on credit. Just remember you need to pay back the loan plus interest.


#3 Tap the Right Resources


Having the right cards up your sleeves and knowing when to play them is vital. You can tap into several resources to get advice, suggestions, and tips to start and scale your potential business.


These include mentors, online journals, business magazines, and podcasts, to name a few. Many things can be cleared out with the right resources, like taxes, registration, and hiring. Never be afraid to ask questions because the learning curve tends to be steep for business owners!


#4 Embrace Technology for Efficiency  


With technology shaping every aspect of our lives, it will be a shame to exclude it from your business. You can do everything from accounting to project optimization with the right software. This help saves money and automates your business.


With the right technology, you can avoid a lot of hassle budding business owners face. Here are several software applications you should invest in.


  • QuickBooks: Takes care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs with its easy-to-use interface and powerful automation. It also helps in cash flow management by providing custom-made reports.
  • Trello: Helps in streamlining communication and optimizing project management through the Trello board.
  • Mail Champ: One of the best software to target potential audiences through email marketing.


#5 Have A Marketing Strategy in Place


You can only sell so much of your product/service without letting people know! That’s why you should always have a robust marketing plan in place before you start with your business.

It’s always a good idea to use traditional methods to lure in customers. These include free samples, adverts in local newspapers, and door-to-door marketing.


While these are great ideas, the world has moved on to digital marketing, and you should too!


Social media has emerged as one of the most excellent marketing tools, and you can use this to your advantage. Creating an online presence is essential for your business to grow and survive. This includes a website and social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Next, you can run dedicated campaigns to target specific customers and reveal your business’s offering. Lastly, you can gather meaningful insights by keeping an eye on the analytics!


Being brave, bold, and passionate is the key to running a successful enterprise. May the force be with you as you keep these tips in mind and start your own unique business!







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