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There are so many reasons to consider a career in tax preparation. Low start-up costs, flexible work hours, and easy entry are just some of the benefits that make being a professional tax preparer a viable—and worthwhile—business. 

If you’ve been thinking about entering the wonderful world of entrepreneurship, the tax industry could be just the thing you’ve been looking for! 

But how exactly do you know if becoming a professional tax preparer is right for you? Below I discuss five essential skills and signs that you’re a shoo-in for this lucrative career.


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1: Excellent Customer Service & Communication Skills


Do you have a special talent for connecting with random people? Do they seem to open-up and talk to you, even if you don’t know them? If so, then you definitely have at least one of the personality traits it takes to succeed as a professional tax preparer. 

Tax preparation is a very social business. Clients are a lot more likely to stick with someone who they feel is both personable and knowledgeable about state and federal taxes. Even with the rise of virtual tax preparation businesses, knowing how to communicate effectively with your customers is paramount to your overall success.


2: Organizational Skills


The tax industry as a whole has evolved, so don’t get caught up in thoughts of paperwork and filing cabinets. Thanks to paperless tax preparation, staying on top of your business is easier than ever. On top of that, the majority of your customers’ files are stored automatically in the cloud and systematized within your tax software—which means fewer physical documents cluttering up your space.

Even with technology breakthroughs, you’ll still need to have solid time management and organizational skills to help you stay on task. All in all, if you appreciate a well-organized space, there’s a good chance you’ll excel as a professional tax preparer.

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3: Detail-Oriented


If you’re a meticulous person who loves a good checklist, your keen eye for detail could make you the perfect candidate. As a professional tax preparer, you’ll almost definitely enjoy the challenge of looking over detailed documents and your customers will value your scrupulous accuracy.


4: Math and Accounting Skills


It should come as no surprise that if you want to be a successful tax preparer, you need to have good math and accounting skills. More than that, you need to enjoy doing math and accounting work, as it can be tedious at times. 

Even if math wasn’t your best subject in school, you can still be good at this job. Most, if not all tax software programs automatically do calculations for you. As long as you’re comfortable with the basics like decimals and percentages, you should be fine.

Likewise, you also want to have a fundamental understanding of bookkeeping and accounting, but you don’t need to be a CPA. If you have a basic appreciation for cash and accrual methods, as well as cash sheets, balance sheets, flow sheets, and profit and loss statements, you’re golden.


5: Branding and Marketing Skills


Many professional tax preparers own and run their own tax preparation business, so having branding and marketing skills helps to build a good customer base. From identifying your target audience to social media marketing, to customer retention, being well-versed in the many aspects of marketing is a huge catalyst for success.

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Ready To Become A Professional Tax Preparer?


Do you have any or all of the skills I’ve listed above? If so, you could be a great tax preparer. 

Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes, so don’t sleep on your future! If you’ve been eyeing a career in tax preparation and entrepreneurship, you’re in the right place. 

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…Don’t forget to register for my FREE online Masterclass training, ‘Teach Me The Tax Game’ and learn how to become a professional tax preparer, and potentially make $100K in just 90 days!


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