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When it comes to operating a successful business, prioritizing relationships over results is essential. I know; I hear you—it’s a strange thing to hear from a businesswoman and serial entrepreneur but give me a second to explain. It’s not that I don’t think results are important. In fact, results are crucial to a company’s success and growth.

Having said that, what else is vital to your business’s overall success? Are you looking for ways to drive results? Can you explain why some companies build great teams while others struggle to keep quality employees? Well, it all comes down to the relationships and connections you make along the way.


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The Relationships You Build with Colleagues are Crucial


The superpower of commanding results through your vision comes from building trusting relationships with your team. The paycheck is no longer enough to keep people in a job long-term. With so many opportunities to earn money online, people can easily quit their jobs and start making the same amount they did before they started working for you.

So, what are the most effective ways to keep high-quality employees? Creating a strong connection and sharing a vision so amazing that their success depends on it. You’ve earned their trust; they listen to you because you’ve earned their respect; and they knock it out of the park for you because you’ve gained their respect.


How To Build Solid Working Relationships


If you want to grow a real, successful company, building relationships is one of the most important skills you can learn. Relationships must be acquired, maintained, nurtured, and grown. The importance of soft skills cannot be overstated. Teams progress from OK to good and then to exemplary by integrating soft skills like empathy, compassion, accountability, and honesty.

Below are a few actions a successful business can take to develop strong relationships with its team.


1: Regularly Meet with Team Members One-on-One


Meeting once a month or once a quarter will depend on how large your team is, but meeting regularly for check-ins that aren’t related to everyday work will be essential. The key is to keep the meetings light, short, and sweet. Find out what their goals are, what their family is like, and if there is anything else you should know about them.


2: Make Sure to Check-In on Regular Team Meetings


Before the team meeting begins, allow everyone to check-in. What was their weekend like? Did anything exciting happen? Did last week have any highlights worth discussing? Is their family doing well? Before the meeting, ensure there is a relational moment that emphasizes how important it is to have a life outside of work.


3: Be available, but Value and Protect Your Time


Everybody’s busy but giving someone an ear when they need it means a lot. Your schedule shouldn’t be too rigid to care.


It’s Also Important to Maintain External Relationships


Surprise, surprise! Successful long-term client interactions also depend on relationships. As an entrepreneur, you have to build a great team from the inside and understand the ebbs and flows of external relationships. 

Are you aware that acquiring new clients is significantly more costly than keeping existing ones? What is your strategy for earning customer loyalty? Long-term relationships are something you know how to nurture.

Communication with clients has proven to be the most effective way to build client relationships at my companies. Share with your customers. Give them a sense of who you are, what you have accomplished, where you are headed, and where you came from. Make sure clients know who they are working with beyond a phone number and email address by sharing employee profiles.


Don’t Neglect Your Values in the Process


As soon as a decision is made in any one of my companies, I ask, “Does it align with our core values?” These values focus on protecting, nurturing, and preserving relationships. Additionally, company values create an environment of comparative attitudes. 

In a business, core values define the attitude and behavior system that guides the company’s behavior. Any job within an organization requires fulfilling roles and responsibilities. As a result, things keep moving forward. To keep the wheels from falling off, we must uphold and maintain our values and relationships.


Become A Successful Business Owner


People are the lifeblood of every organization, and I wish more entrepreneurs and business owners understood that. Like you, your customers, colleagues, and partners are all human. So, don’t just build your business, but also those relationships. Make them your top priority as you get out there and build your life. In doing so, operating a successful business comes naturally.

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