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How to Get Facebook Local Business with QR CodesDo you know that you can actually make $1,000 to $3,000 a month from each local client? But how could it be possibly done? Let me tell you about Facebook’s QR (Quick Response) Codes feature.


QR codes are the most popular and flexible 2D barcode that is utilized by businesses and individuals most especially in their marketing campaigns.


Here is how to unpack the QR codes and get viral on Facebook in a positive and profitable way:


Generating the QR code – select a QR code which you think would attract people to share and like.


Customizing your Facebook Post – upload your selected QR code to a server that can communicate with the Facebook Share API. Anything that you share on Facebook has 4 components. You can fully customize these components for your viral QR code campaign. The image should be large enough for people to scan easily since it is where you will put the QR code. You also have to think of a really catchy title. A brand running a campaign should have the QR code on a URL that provides context for the campaign (source). Your description is a great avenue to provide essential and relevant information about your campaign.


Taking your Campaign Live – once the QR code is integrated, Facebook will provide you a campaign-specific Facebook share URL. Utilize a URL shortener make it more viral-friendly (trackable and easy to share). To ensure maximum results, test your code with multiple QR code readers before using it live.


Taking this viral approach through the use of QR codes is very reasonable. With the endless cycle of sharing, you can reach a wide area to effectively market your business!


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Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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