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The world holds several facts. For example, we all know that water boils at 100 degrees, that cows eat herbs and plants and that everybody has a blog!


In fact, all and sundry has its personalized blog in which conversations, likes and comments are shared. The nature of the blog owner is mostly a neglected criterion. If you have a computer and an internet device and know how to use a keyboard, then you are potentially ready to create your own blog.


This mean of interacting with the world has to be used the right way. It is the awareness of this fact that took most of the companies to online marketing and ongoing connections with different persons.  The question is:


Is Blogging for Business or Pleasure?


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Blogging for Business

The answer could be a little complicated. In fact, the beginning of the blogging air was first known among young people that were trying their best to be heard. Therefore, blogs were seen as a mean of communication in the midst of a précised audience that shares personal idea and experiences.


The posts on the blog were then about missing updates, several friends’ disputes or even school events.


Yet again, the adults had to have a word to say about that. How is it possible that a heavy mean of communication could be useless? The answer to this question took blogging from its sacred pleasure aspect to a more professional one; business blogging.


It is this transformation that took me to the keyboard today, writing whether blogging was made for fun or business!


The interested persons understood that there more reasons create a blog for business than creating a chatting blog about personal issues. In fact, these reasons are still growing and could go from increasing and boosting the business to affecting positively the clients’ loyalty.


Moreover, creating a blog for a business purpose opens new lines of communication that could be simply used for subjective comments when it comes to personal blogs.


We could understand then that the answer to the question is not easy to be given. In the middle of all these arguments, a logic point of view will assemble both sides of the question. In fact, blogging is useful for both business and pleasure. Actually, blogging does not have a defined role, it is used for different purposes, whether personal or professional ones.


Blogging gives pleasure because it is a real activity that helps the time go faster. It is a mean of communication among young people and provides them with the possibility to express their opinions and take out all their feelings.


On the other hand, blogging could be seen as an effective marketing tool that might attract an important amount of potential clients and therefore increase the sales.


To sum up, whether blogging is used for pleasure or business, the only truth is that it is a real mean of communication. The interaction between its users creates several connections that could be used for both business and personal aims.

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