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To gain an upper hand in the age of Digital Marketing, more now than ever before a company needs to have a special niche.  Think about it.  Communicating to your customer an image of uniqueness will give them an idea that you provide specialized service and a quality of customer care that is far and above the rest.


Niche Online Marketing


There are literally millions of websites on the Internet today and for most of them, they do not realize that having the site is simply a first step in Digital Marketing.  Now you need to draw people to your site and having a special niche is one way to do that.


Many online companies have the misconception that if they try to cover everything they will have a larger customer base.  The problem with that idea is that, to accomplish that kind of overall marketing, it will take a large company with a lot of resources.  Most online businesses do not have that kind of pool of resources to pull from.


For many web browsers, they will take only one or two minutes to peruse your site before moving on.  Your niche is one item that may make them slow down and look a little closer at what you have to offer.  It can make the difference between a looky loo and a customer.


 How do you define your niche?


Here is a video by Rich Currie giving a wonderful presentation about niche marketing and the tools to find your niche.

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Well, first you must identify who your target market is.  Who are the people that will buy your product or service?  Just because the Internet goes worldwide it does not mean that you service the international market.  For most companies on the web, their customer base is located in a very defined area.  Your site should talk to those people in that area and address their needs.


Today, no matter how much you put stock in your company, the competition is fierce.  For every one product or service out there, there are thousands of businesses that will be there ready, willing and able to provide it.  Your product or service has to be a cut above to make your business stand out from the rest.


Once you have defined your niche market you need to communicate that to your prospective client.


To carve your niche means that you have to make your company stand out both in appearance and product.  When a potential customer comes lands on your site what do they see?  Do they see cookie-cutter images that only mimic the same thing that your competition has or do they see something that only you can provide?


You may not realize this right away but having a niche market and defining it before your Internet campaign is launched can save you many advertising dollars.  Your website can be tailored to your niche market and prevent you from drifting off in an undefined avenue that will put you in a pool of mediocre websites and limit your online visibility.


Keeping your niche market firmly in mind and targeting your potential client base can help you to establish your identity online as unique and personalized.  It can put you miles ahead of your competition.


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