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Network marketing definitely is one of the many things that most people look at as filled with uncertainties, and we cannot blame this kind of thinking because there are a lot of individuals we know or relatives who have tried investing in a network marketing business only to find themselves bankrupt in the end.

Common Network Marketing Problems

Network Marketing Problems

This is one of the most common network marketing problems – being fooled by fly-by-night opportunities. However, while there are really network marketing companies that only exist to rob you off your hard-earned money, there are absolutely genuine network marketing businesses that are capable of helping you achieve financial and time freedom. You only have to do your homework of researching and trusting only the best network marketing company.


What are the other network marketing problems that many people face? How can a network marketer deal with these network marketing problems to show everyone that a network marketing business is really viable?


Lack of Leads in Network Marketing

We all know that network marketing is a numbers game so one really has to meet and talk to a lot people to become successful. However, just like my introduction, finding leads is one of the most common network marketing problems and perhaps is the biggest problem that any network marketers face. This is obviously because of the negative beliefs that most people have of network marketing.


To change people pessimistic mindset, a network marketer must really utilize every online marketing means to gain leads. While your initial action would be to market your network marketing business, you must first work on earning the trust of your prospects, and you can easily do this by being the leader that they are looking for.


Instead of merely bombarding your blog and other social media pages with straightforward sales, post articles and videos about helpful topics such as “Ways to Make Money Online”, “The Benefits of a Home Base Business”, “Why You Should Start a Home Based Business”, and the likes. Identify the most common problem that any person faces and provide the solutions to their problems. By doing so, you will be surprised at how many people will voluntarily seek for your assistance.


Lack of Money to Start up a Network Marketing Business


This is probably one of the biggest network marketing problems. Before you actually can introduce your network marketing business, people will immediately block you off by saying that they don’t have any money to invest. Many people have this connotation that joining a network marketing business requires a lot of money, which is something that you must clarify initially.

Watch the following video and see what were the biggest problems these guys had to face in Network marketing.

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I recommend providing your prospects samples of your products first and letting them benefit from free network marketing training, webinars or other freebies. Remember, it takes about 5 to 7 exposures before one can come up with a decision to join a network marketing business. So, to lessen your network marketing problems, let your prospects realize that they will receive more than what they would spend when they join your network marketing business. They need to develop the commitment to the network marketing business and its products first before they feel comfortable to sign up.


Lack of Knowledge and Marketing Training

If you would notice, everything I am discussing here is interrelated. Network marketing problems are usually linked to each other so you cannot solve one problem and leave the rest unattended. The key to being successful in a network marketing business is to actually provide solutions to all of the network marketing problems, which is not a hard thing to do at all especially if you are equipped with the right knowledge and training.


How then can you achieve the proper training and the knowledge required for your network marketing success? Simple, once you sign up for a network marketing business and start your own thing, always be present in every team meeting, webinar or event that you know will be beneficial to you. Don’t stop upon signing up. Once you have taken that brave risk to join a network marketing business, there shouldn’t be anything else that should stop you from giving it your all. Keep in mind that network marketing is no overnight success. You have to keep the enthusiasm burning along with hardwork and commitment.

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