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Last time, I have provided you with a comprehensive review of the Empower Network Fast Start Training and I hope that it gave you the drive to go ALL IN. This time, I will be sharing with you my insights on how marvelous Empower Network is. If you are already a member of Empower Network or you are still an on-looker trying to figure out what this phenomenon is all about, this Empower Network Inner Circle Training Review is a must-read for you.


To get the best out of Empower Network, you must dig deeper and understand the underlying principles of its success. This Empower Network Inner Circle Training Review will give you the some insider clues on the resources you’ll get out of your little investment. This review is broken down in two parts for I am afraid that it will leave you sleepless and too eager to make it happen for you too!


What is Empower Network Inner Circle?


First of all, check out my very own presentation for you to have a glimpse of what Empower Network Inner Circle is.


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Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #1: Lawrence Tam’s “$100,000 a Month” Formula


If you have been working too hard trying to earn a decent income, I am telling you there’s more to life than working for your boss. BE YOUR OWN BOSS by learning the FORMULA to making a 6-figure income in one month. This is a terrific audio that will certainly leave you sleepless and eager to apply Lawrence Tam’s formula for your own success.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #2: How to Multiply Your Commissions, and Create Resources from Thin Air (with David Wood and David Sharpe)


Getting rich is a science. I bet you’ve heard about this a lot of times. Dave and Dave break it down even more for you. They talk about it in the simplest terms and shares with you why they do what they do. Here, you will be learning a bunch about affiliate marketing. See your income increase by actually applying the principles discussed here.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #3: Profiting from large events… (With David Sharpe)


David Sharpe puts some EMPOWERED individuals on the call and lets them talk about how they are able to profit from joining large scale events. Here, you will be hearing more success stories from average people who let their dreams happen. So, the next time you’re having second thoughts about joining another huge Empower Network event, this audio is something for you to tune into.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #4: How To Get Rich Quick… Fast and Easy… (With David Wood)


This audio is one of my favorite from the latest additions. David Wood explains the formula of getting rich quickly and the dos and don’ts of Internet and network marketing, so you never have to undergo trial-and-error again. Once you have decided to change your life for the best and follow these simple steps, you definitely are on your way to freedom. What does it mean to be free? Well, true freedom is doing whatever you want to do wherever you want to be! I also suggest that you get a pen and paper handy because Dave’s going to give you some assignments to do and ponder on.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #5: Why Jobs, School and ‘Traditional’ Business Will Keep You Broke


Most of the time, we get so boxed in social norms and what people expect us to behave or who to become. This is one of the principal reasons why we are unhappy and unsatisfied with the life that we’re living. If you have been staying in the same tedious lifestyle, doing what most people are doing and not getting what you deserve, then this audio is perfect for you. It reminds you to JUST BE YOURSELF and BREAK FREE from the casket you’ve made for yourself. It’s time that you finally follow what your heart tells you. Let go of what’s holding you back and be that person you dream to become. What an audio to remind everyone that we all deserve the best of the world!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #6: Are you a SLAVE to the dream you’ve been selling? (With David Sharpe, Tony Rush and Carol Douthitt)


David Sharpe introduces what Empower Monday Night Call (9 PM) is all about and how it changes your Mondays to something extraordinary and worthwhile experience. He also talks about how to make money from home, tips on effective Internet marketing, the lies that some Internet and network marketers have been saying, and what makes Empower Network the best opportunity for anyone. He also shares the secrets to having 3, 000 paying customers of EN in the last 10 months and some of the cores of EN: transparency, honesty and culture. He likewise gives instructions on getting started with Empower Network. This call also features Tony Rush and Carol Douthitt who both talked about their experiences in other network marketing companies and what they think of EN.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #7: The MASTERS of Marketing, Break through Session (LIVE in Costa Rica)


Dave and Dave once again energize the Monday Night Call by going LIVE at Costa Rica shores after the Masters’ Retreat event. They shared what it feels not just talking about their dreams but also getting the chance to live their dreams. They also talk about the power of transforming your life for the moment, be it just a shift in mindset, attitude or in the things that you do. Testimonials and stories of people present in the event are also featured in the call.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #8: Breaking through the job-mind, and kicking the system’s ass (with David Wood)


Tired of remaining in your J-O-B (Just Over Broke) phase? Then this one’s for you. Listen as David Wood gives you the inspiration and hope to change your life for the better. If you can imagine living your life to the fullest, I am telling you that you ABSOLUTELY CAN! These guys at Empower Network are not just talking the talk but walking the walk too! Here’s to the achievement of time and financial freedom that we are all craving for!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #9: Simple 6-Figure Formula and the UGLY truth about what’s keeping you broke


If you have been in an Internet and network marketing biz for quite some time now and still not making profits like other people do, it’s either you are in the wrong company, or you are doing everything the wrong way. Here, they talk about leaving the old habits behind and changing your course for the better. You will learn from other ordinary people’s experiences on earning a 6-figure income. So, get a pen and paper handy and take down notes to begin your journey towards a 6-figure lifestyle!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #10: Speak the World into Existence (with David Wood)


I bet you’ve heard or read about the power of the mind a couple of times. It is one of the more fascinating topics that are talked about because it proves that success is truly achievable with a positive mindset. David Wood shares his own insights about believing that you can do anything you want. I suggest you listen to this audio daily. It will remind you of your limitless potential and keep you faith and belief in yourself intact.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #11: Leveraging the POWER of a contest (with David Wood and David Sharpe)


How about bagging fabulous prizes courtesy of Empower Network’s Affiliate contest? That’s awesome right? Dave and Dave reveals the major cash prizes ($20,000, $10,000, $5,000 and $2,500) and electronic goodies like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPads and iPods for the 10 lucky winners. They also talk about using contests as powerful tools in Internet marketing. This contest might be over but keep posted for future ones. You could be the next winner. Now that’s what you call lots of bonuses!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #12: How to Create ‘Magical Income’


This audio is certainly something that I totally agree with. I personally have been emphasizing in my blog the value of making a smart decision NOW, to do what others are not doing, and to remain consistent. Here, you can listen to David Wood saying the same things that I believe in and that everyone should start to believe in as well. If you want to discover how you won’t have to work for the rest of your life and earn a continuous stream of income by getting into action now, then I highly recommend tuning in this audio.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #13: Higher Level Marketing – HOW You Can Join Us In Costa Rica… (With David Sharpe)


This event might have been over, but this audio is still something worth listening to. David Sharpe talks about the EVIDENCE PRINCIPLE, which is something that gets people involved in your business. The audio also features Aron, who is one of the trainers in Costa Rica. He was able to make 6-figure income out of network marketing and is now one of the core people in Empower Network. People like him remind us to start doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable because most of the time, the best opportunities are the ones that are hard to decide on.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #14: Tomato Sandwiches, Getting Rich and Being A Bad-A$$ (with Tony Rush)


Tony Rush puts the meaning of the “wealthy mindset” in simple terms and teaches how to adopt this mindset for your own success. Unlike many other discussions on this matter, Tony Rush tells you exactly what to do to develop a wealthy mindset and become an Empower Network bad a$$.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #15: How to Make $30,000 with No Experience, No Skills, and No Money (With John Wells)


John Wells, an ordinary person who had it all once and lost it the next shares how he chose to become EMPOWERED. He tells his story of having to sell some of his home items just to GET ALL IN and how he enjoys the fruits being EMPOWERED. David Wood also converses with him and shares with the listeners some effective email strategies to have people join in Empower Network. This only proves that even clueless newbies can be successful too. So, if you’re having second thoughts about getting all in, you got to listen to this!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #16: How to Get Laid Off From Corporate America with a ‘Part Time’ Income That’s 5 Times Your Salary (with Lawrence Tam)


We’ve seen it all – major countries in the world have experienced an economic crisis and are still recuperating from the wounds of it. Many offline businesses are now realizing the cost-effectiveness of going online, which means that getting laid off becomes a normal thing for anyone. This is exactly what happened to a professional like Lawrence Tam who had worked under a company most of his life. Here, you can find out how he bounced back from the corporate trauma that he faced just a month before he got married, which even went on for 18 solid months. Having your belief level above your reality level was something that awakened my entrepreneurial spirit upon listening to this audio. If you have just been recently laid off, then this is something that will give you hope and make you realize that you’ll never have to go back to the corporate world ever again!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #17: How to Make $1,500 a day by Blogging (with Justin Verrengia)


Another guy from Costa Rica, Justin Verrengia, shares the formula to making a 6-figure income. He stresses the benefits of free marketing through blogging as one of the key platforms of Internet and network marketing success. Some things I’ve learned about this audio are that when you help a person from day 1, you can always get what you want. Justin and David Wood also talks about the importance of blogging daily and how you can earn a minimum of $10,000 from having 10 leads a day.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #18: Free Your Lifestyle Through the POWER of a SYSTEM (with Mark Call)


One of the best people in the Internet and network marketing industry, Mark Call, talks about why you certainly need to be ALL IN. He also mentions how he finds Empower Network’s training and simplicity serve as a success magnet. He has been in the same industry for so long (Amway) and is already making remarkable profits yet he joined Empower Network. When someone like him testifies on the beauty of empowering and helping others achieve financial freedom and learning effective marketing strategies, would you have second thoughts on going all in? I HOPE NOT!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #19: Member Coaching Call – Why Am I Getting No Results?


If you have been in an Internet and network marketing business for quite some time and still not getting results, then this audio is something for your ears. You can hear David Wood coaching one of Empower Network members during a live audio call. There are a lot of things you can learn from this audio, which you can also apply in your own lead generation efforts.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #20: How To Massively Scale Your Marketing (With Chris Campbell)


Chris Campbell shares his own story of struggling from a home based business to the next, failures, and finally establishing his spot in Internet and network marketing industry. This is a remarkable success story of a former college drop-out/pizza delivery boy/son of a home based business investor parents. See how persistence and positive attitude can top it all plus many useful tips to succeed in Internet and network marketing business from the man himself.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #21: $4,550 in one day through text messaging (with Simon Stepsys)


This audio is definitely another excellent resource to learn from. Hearing insider tips and secrets from somebody who has seen the transition from offline marketing to online marketing and who has worked from both worlds is awesome! Listen how you can utilize the power of mobile text messaging to earn massive profits.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #22: Don’t Sell Beef to a Vegetarian (with Tom McMurrain)


One notable thing I love about Empower Network is that it brings people with like mindset together to achieve a common interest – SUCCESS! Instead of selling products, Empower Network is selling freedom and the outcome of going through its intensive training and living by its marketing principles. Here, the “Escape Artist” himself, Tom McMurrain shares his very own strategies in generating 3 figure leads daily. He also talks about utilizing the commission loophole page effectively. This makes living your dream lifestyle within anyone’s reach!


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #23: The Craft of Creative Marketing (with Ryan Hartman)


This audio is especially useful for someone like me who’s also engaged with the real estate industry. Real estate guru Ryan Hartman shares insider secrets on climbing up the success ladder fast. He emphasizes on getting results first before building a brand. This audio will help you understand the basic tools you need to become successful: lead capture page, sales page and traffic.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #24: How To Make $5,000 Per Week In Your Business, NOW. (David Wood & David Sharpe)


This is another audio from “Empower Hour”. The two Daves share simple, basic strategies to become successful in an Internet and network marketing business. It’s something that reminds you to scrap the complications and go for a proven, simple action plan.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #25: How to Close 85% of Your Prospects, and COMMAND them to Join Your Team (with Dwayne Pyle)


People who are serious about their dreams always get ahead of the game. If you too are serious about creating your own destiny, this is something that you got to listen to. Guest Dwayne Pyle tells you exactly how to turn your prospects to actual business partners. He also reminds you to “Just Do It” and go ALL IN. Together with David Wood, they talk about how being yourself and keeping it real attract people to join you.


Empower Network consistently updates its training resources so don’t be surprised if by the time you sign up as a member, there are newer audio for you to listen to. Meanwhile, if you’re itching to get all the Empower Network Inner Circle Training, follow this link and get started NOW!

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