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Effective article marketingMany people are saying that article marketing is the oldest method of internet marketing, and therefore ineffective. The truth, however, is that it is actually—and still—the most effective tool in building up links to your website. In fact, when article marketing is performed in a ‘proper’ way, it can really help you establish your online presence. What is interesting about article marketing is the fact that this type of marketing begins long before you start picking pretty words for your article. It starts before writing.

There are open secrets published somewhere telling you about the best way to increase your online presence. What I will be sharing with you are my five secrets to a effective article marketing campaign. Just as they have given me the online credibility I now enjoy, I believe they will also empower you as you establish your name online.

1. Before you even start writing your article, it is important to first understand, know and study the nature of your target market. It is good to remind yourself that your primary target is not the machines, but people who are looking and hungry for answers. If you are targeting search engine machines, you may not need to craft educated articles. A few overused keywords are enough to please search engines. But if you are targeting people who are looking for knowledgeable articles, invest on doing research so that you can craft interesting, intellectual and commanding pieces enough to arrest the interest of your readers.

2. Since you will be creating articles for marketing purposes, it is good to balance your research on keywords that are normally or commonly used by people who are turning to the internet to find answers about issues involving life, business or anything under the sun. The importance of finding the best keywords is to develop a healthy exposure in the internet. In fact, what you are aiming for is to please the machines, the search engines, so that they can pick up your keywords on their radar. If you will research and use keywords that ordinary people across the globe are using to find what they need, there is a huge possibility that your articles will be picked up by several search engines.

3. What is interesting and I love about Yahoo! craft titles and headlines is that they do it in such a way that readers will forget the moment just to click what’s inside the title. The simple marketing strategy behind this technique (that I believe you can imitate) is to hypnotize passersby and readers alike by crafting irresistible titles and headlines. They may not so overly awkward as to drive people away, but do it in a manner that will ignite the curiosity of a person’s mind. Writing or better yet crafting a title or a headline is an art that needs to be honed and developed through research. The skill of crafting irresistible titles and headlines is not born overnight.

4. Yes, your primary goal in writing articles is essentially to market your products or promote something about your market, but do it in such a way that people will see you giving them valuable information, instead of appearing like selling something. It is important to understand that people go the internet to look, discover and know something, not really to buy something. Your objective, therefore, is to provide them accurate and valuable information about your product or services. The best and effective way to do it is to present an honest overview of your products and services and let the readers decide for themselves if they are going to buy or not. By giving them accurate and valuable information in your articles are enough to arrest their interest.

5. Finally, it is also important that you promote your articles in other platform and venues. Promoting your articles is as easy as sending out Tweets, sharing it through Facebook, linking it to your blogs and promoting it in your newsletters.

I still have countless secrets about effective article marketing to be shared with you, but I am running out of space.

Thanks a lot!


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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