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If blogging has become lately the first activity on everybody’s daily list, then increasing the blogs’ authority is certainly a must-do.


At this level, the question is undoubtedly going to be about the right way of boosting your blog authority. The answer is surely not going to be simple!


The competition is not to be ignored. Many platforms are receiving several users and visitors every second of every day. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Quora, all the means is good to make the conversation and most importantly make the difference.


As if the concurrence was not enough, a new element was added lately: Google Plus.


 An Introduction to Google Plus

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Google Pluse

In fact, we are talking about a platform that holds over 400 million highly active members connected through several means that could be presented through the Google Plus circles, Gmail, Chat or e-mail outstanding podiums, YouTube and Calendar.


Google Plus is therefore another way to increase your blog authority. The philosophy is the same: If you could use a place in which are gathered together many people that might be potential clients to your company, you should never hesitate to participate.


Moreover, Google Plus could be seen as a real lead generation motor. In fact, if used properly, Google Plus might serve your blog’s authority and give you some extra means of communication. Actually, the available means are never enough!


The tip to be used is easy. If you want the Google Plus to help you increase your blog’s authority, then use it as a lead generation system by posting compelling content updates in it. You might wonder at this level where the magic tipis. Wait a second, you will definitely understand!


Indeed, posting this type of content on Google Plus could be referred to as being a traditional move on every available platform. However, by adding a simple personalized touch to this same post, the whole role of it will change. In fact, the intelligent use of Google Plus might exploit the inclusion of your blog link in this same post. This way, every reader will be curious to discover your blog and your readers’ number will grow, increasing consequently your sales number!


Once this tip used, you would have understood how to use Google Plus to strengthen your blog’s authority. However, be aware that your post will be the first contact between you and your audience. Therefore, make sure it is simple, clear and easy to understand. People don’t usually like complicated things!


The results of such a move could be mathematically measured. It is for these aims that professionals have added a simple calculator that determines your monthly traffic and lead objectives. The numbers presented in these results are going to boost your energy and most importantly show you the right direction to go. You will therefore see your blog’s authority be happily affected by a post on Google Plus.


In few words, if used properly, Google Plus has all it takes to boost your blog authority. Never hesitate to use it!

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