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About a month ago,  LinkedIn new company page design was launched to make it easy for users to search, follow and interact with the companies that they are interested in. While it is the website’s goal to simplify things, not everyone may be able to cope with the LinkedIn new company page design so I decided to talk a bit about it.


During the launch of LinkedIn new company page design, a few select companies were able to get early access to this feature – Citi, Philips, Dell and HP, but the question is, what good does this LinkedIn new company page design bring to its users?


LinkedIn management said that members can gain easier access on information about the companies that they are interested about. On the other hand, the LinkedIn new company page design benefits the companies by having a powerful way of building relationships with their target audience. These reasons make the development favorable to both parties.


Browse the slide show below showcasing 6 companies that had their LinkedIn pages redesigned earlier.


The Benefits of LinkedIn New Company Page Design


For companies:


  • The LinkedIn new company page design allows companies to add an image that represents their company and brand best. This new feature enables companies to have a distinguished presence in LinkedIn.


  • Companies can share status updates and job opportunities to the right persons because the LinkedIn update stream has been made more relevant to cater both parties’ professional needs.
  • The LinkedIn new company page design also makes it easier for companies to showcase the company’s products, services and career opportunities to any member who drops by their page. This added user experience is due to LinkedIn’s prominent navigation feature.


  • Select companies such as Unilever, Expedia and American Express were also able to acquire a more persuasive and visual way of presenting their brand through the Career Pages Section of Company Pages. This makes it more efficient for companies to share their company story and come up with a personalized headhunting process.


For members:


  • LinkedIn new company page design enables users to easily find what they are looking for. This can be information and news about the company, insights, products or services and career opportunities.


  • Members can immediately comment, like or share significant company updates within their professional LinkedIn network because the company updates are located in front and center.


  • LinkedIn also boasts that you can stay connected wherever you are. Members can now get a feel of LinkedIn new company page design on their iPhone, Android and iPad applications. Isn’t it more convenient for everyone?


Check out this video to discover the exciting LinkedIn new page design that I am talking about.


[imaioVideo v=1]

LinkedIn New Company Page Design

Besides rolling out some of LinkedIn new company page designs, LinkedIn also introduces the Featured Update functionality. This allows companies to highlight their valuable content by placing it on top of their Company Updates Stream for better promotion.


If you are new to LinkedIn or you are a non-technical person, get the ease of learning the step-by-step guide to creating your own company page design in LinkedIn by checking out the slideshow below.


Summing it up, just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is beginning to grow its popularity as a valuable tool in successful Internet marketing. With the recent launch of LinkedIn new company page design, there is no doubt that you can utilize it to brand your company effectively in the online world.


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