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In a nutshell, traffic and conversions are the most essential goals in Internet marketing. However, these two require strategies that have been carefully analyzed and researched.

In Internet marketing, traffic means attracting visitors to your website. Unfortunately, not all traffic are created equal. While you are faithfully clicking on your site back and forth to keep that visitor tracker moving, others are enjoying the fruits of huge web traffic.

Keep in mind though that there are websites with a large volume of visitors yet still, are not able to reach their target profits.

Why is this so?

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As I have mentioned earlier, not all traffic are created equal. This means, you need to attract the RIGHT kind of people to your website. Web traffic is only considered successful when you can convert it to clients or customers. You don’t need a thousand visitors daily if all of these people can’t be converted. Going after an untargeted traffic is always a total waste of time, effort and money.

Going after highly targeted traffic may cost you more but it is well worth your every penny.

How will you do it then?

First, identify a hungry market. One of the best Internet marketing strategies is to know what people want and serving it to them like no one else does. That is the simplest rule of conversion. Conversion, by the way, is an Internet marketing term that happens when visitors complete specific actions such as purchasing your products or services, filling out your online form/s, joining your mailing list, attending your webinars, availing your freebies, etc.

While defining what traffic and conversions are seem really easy, the entire Internet marketing efforts may take time. Just like any other successful endeavor, it won’t be that easy, so you have to prepare yourself for the numerous things that you have to learn and even the amount of money that you have to spend to ensure your success through Internet marketing!

What I like most about the Internet Marketing system and David Wood’s training is that he knows how to generate leads online and convert leads into sales. Getting 100s of visitors to your site is not the most important aspect of internet marketing. Converting them into customers is. Watch the free presentation by David Wood about Internet Marketing here.

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