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Nowadays, people are no longer meeting at cafés randomly and becoming close friends. We are no longer using letters to write our love to our beloved. We are certainly not making the conversation easily with people we meet on the street while waiting for a bus. Being aware of that, a friendship wire was set and enabled different persons from all over the world to get links to their real or even virtual friends. This platform is called Facebook.


However, if you feel happy about your thousand of Facebook friends, make sure you are not losing them by sending them spams. Now, the next step would be to learn how not to spam your Facebook friends.


It is frequent for Facebook fans to adopt specific manners such as hiding a page’s content or reporting spam. As a marketer, you should ask yourself whether your fans do the same or not.


Spam Your Facebook Friends and Fans


Since a thousand fans are better than a hundred, you should be aware of this problem’s effect. In fact, by spamming your fans you might take away the work of a considerable period of time in a one click glimpse.


Moreover, the number of your fans might become insignificant. In fact, it is not because you have a million fans that a million persons actually see your page’s content. Do you understand now how dangerous are Facebook spams?


Also, fans are more likely to report a spam than not liking a page. Maximizing the fans number is not the right decision to make; in fact optimizing their engagement is the goal to reach.


You are now certainly wondering how not to spam your Facebook fans


The answer could be said in few words


If you want to avoid sending spam to your fans, then start first by visiting your Facebook privacy settings and click at “Apps and Websites” so that you reach to delete the offending apps out of your list. Spams are contagious, if they get to your page, they will certainly reach your fans one, and they will have you to blame!


Fortunately, Facebook has an automatic spam filter that will help you avoid this embarrassing situation of being the source of a spam sent.


Also, The Facebook Marketing Series uses Buddy Media. It offers you the opportunity to learn how to inform your million fans about your company or products that best ways, and most importantly without sending them any spams.


Being aware of that, you will certainly do your best to avoid spams. In a frank way, knowing how not to send spam to your Facebook fans is essential considering the fact that these unwanted web monsters could erase the work you have been focusing on for a year in just a time glimpse. Once they receive a spam out of your source, your fans will definitely block your page and report a spam. They might most likely inform their friend that might inform their friend that might inform their friend… By the end of this algorithm, you will certainly be financially dead.


This is an awareness call, please respond properly and learn how not to send spam to your Facebook friends.

Spam Facebook

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