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Public relations entails charm offensive, shuttle diplomacy and all manner of sales gimmicks associated with improving the entire organization’s image in the eyes of the public as well as its customers. It is done continuously vis-à-vis advertisement that only comes when a product/service has come to the market or it is not performing in the expected manner.


A public relations officer in many occasions is an employee of the organization and is supposed to ensure that no matter what, the image of the organization remains as clean, attractive and elaborate as possible. On the other hand social media is a contemporary method of communicating through internet.


For an organization to prosper in its public relations endeavor, it has to ensure that it’s public relations department and the information communication technology department work in tandem. This is because with the advent of the social media, it is as prejudicial as it is malicious to separate the two. Many people have opted to go online in all their day to day activities and therefore social media is inevitable for any organization with the right kind of management, goals and aspirations.


As earlier mentioned public relations involves preserving and/or maintaining the image of the entire organization  in the eyes of the public and its customer and this cannot be done only through traditional media. Social media has in fact played a major role in maintain and managing the public relations or PR of the company.


Power of Social Media as Public Relations Tool

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Public relations


Public relations and social media have worked wonders in terms of turning around the organizations profitability and way of doing things. They have improved organizations that were in the brink of collapse and made them blue chips. Organizations that were little known have become a darling of the media. Indeed the power of both of them cannot be underestimated in anyway. They are just the right tools for the contemporary marketing environment. Any organization that employs the two will end up with increased sales and revenue hence more growth in the long run.


Social media in fact has become a cheaper means of marketing than traditional media. Their costs are second to none. Their results are impressive and faster as compared to any other means of marketing. People will get to know an organization that uses social media as PR  faster as compared to an organization that uses the usual and old means to market itself.


As far as resources are concerned, social media as public relations tool is extremely cheap and one does not need to walk up and down to drive his/her point home. Both combined, they are very effective in terms of time management. With the click of a button, they are likely to ensure millions of people get the information within no time.


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