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We often hear that companies have chosen to focus their marketing efforts on various social media platforms. We have also heard that social media marketing is the best tool for interacting with audiences and make amazing numbers. Indeed, these common sayings should not be taken as guaranteed truths. Social media marketing is no magic breakthrough; therefore, a logical process would lead us to question its functionalities and look among its advantages for possible disadvantages or misuses in order to avoid them.


Social Media Marketing May Not be for Your Business


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Social media marketing is a massive tool used in almost all Internet savvy companies today. In fact, businesses find Social Media is the best place to gather consumers and send well crafted messages to affect potential buyers’ habits. Consequently, the result has to be an increasing number of buys and an amazing number of clients. However, we always have to question the effect social media marketing has when imagined results do not match real outcomes. Is there a hidden side of social media marketing that the world is missing?


As a matter of fact, social media marketing employs different methods. The main process includes sharing messages with an audience and then waiting for reactions that will be translated into likes, comments and re-shares. The practical part of the story is that the number of “Likes” for a Facebook wall post — “product X has miraculous effect on maintaining the body’s youth” —  are not equal to the number of buys! People might “Like” what you say without buying. Considering the fact that selling is your purpose, you might end up losing time having contradictory income expectations.


On the other hand, the comments made about any part of your blog content do not have the exact meaning that you might have expected. In fact, people find it pleasing to maintain long discussions online about several topics. They make points, fight for opinions and defend their views. At this level, you might think that your content is at the center of all these long conversations, when it is only the source of long, self-proving discussions.


It is important to note that investing heavily in a single platform that does not guarantee profits is a counterproductive idea. “Fashion” exists even in the marketing world. Business owners should understand that people are switching from one website to another, according to whim. We all remember when online chats and forums were the most popular online marketing platforms before Social Media Marketing.  Remember –MySpace never guessed its fans would desert them.


Are you an online or offline business owner who heavily depend on social media for marketing? Do you have a backup plan if your social media marketing idea fails? What social signals are you getting and how do you interpret them? What’s your rate of user participation to sales?

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