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Fear of the unknown is usually what prevents an individual from taking risks. Not all people are created equal and this includes one’s ability to tolerate the feeling of taking risks. However, just a little reminder, if you want to achieve something better, then you must not stay in the same condition forever. Keep moving. By now you should be taking risks and see how everything will be falling into place once you do this big leap of faith.


If my words aren’t enough to motivate you in taking risks, then let me enumerate some of the reasons why you should not be having second thoughts about taking risks. Before you go further reading, check this video.


Taking Risks


You need to experience new things


You owe it to yourself to live your life to the fullest. Taking risks is definitely one way to do so. Life is such a meaningful endeavor for those who choose to learn the lessons it offers. If you are a coward who thinks that playing safe is the best way to live, then you are bypassing the opportunity to learn and mature with your experiences. Happier and more fulfilled people are brave enough to take risks. They have no regrets for the things they didn’t do and the opportunities they didn’t grab.


You will miss out your personal growth and development


Experience is the best teacher. I totally agree with this saying. If you fear taking risks, then you are no more than a comatose person whose life is only prolonged by machines. Hey, you are a thinking, moving and breathing person so don’t ever be paralyzed by fear! Mistakes and failures are parts of the winning process. Michael Jordan missed a lot of shots in his entire basketball career. NASA has failed numerous times in launching space rockets.


No one will laugh at you if you fail for the first time or for the nth time. The important thing is that people see you as a brave person who wouldn’t give up until you are able to achieve your dreams. You will definitely grow and develop along the way. That is what matters! If you aren’t succeeding now, it might be the time to consider taking more risks.


Truth is, failures and mistakes aren’t bad things at all. In fact, true winners are shaped by disappointments and defeats. So, the next time you feel incapable of taking risks, imagine your dreams – who do you want to be? What do you want to have? Are these things not worth taking risks at all?

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