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Do you love to socialize and gain some knowledge at the same time? Are you the one who wants some intellectual topics to talk about? TweetChats is what you are looking for. Tweetchats are the conversations which happen on twitter. These conversations have a hashtag which uniquely characterizes the topic. The discussions and the conversations are actively maintained by the members. Apart from their social value, they are a source of a very wide span of knowledge. Recent happenings, ethical, political, global issues, ongoing trends are the common topics of conversation. Chats happen once in a week at a pre decided time. They may be an hour long with multiple members interacting with each other.


Benefits of Socializing in Twitter Through TweetChats


Not everyone is a writer. Here you don’t need to be an author of a book. All you have to do is to write a blog of upto 140 words to introduce the topic you want to have a conversation about. You can promote your tweetchats on your social channels. Any upcoming tweetchat and topic can be promoted either by paid media or otherwise.


Tweetchats are in hold of a good promotional power. When you have followers and you plan to grow a community, tweetchats are a great strategy to pursue that. Any strong thought process combined with the right combination of words may give you the position of a thought leader. All you have to do is to carve a structure where you can put forth all the ideas and concepts you have.


Tweetchats allows you to connect with the individual you are having a conversation with on a personal level. When you start a conversation, your followers and many other people who have strong opinions about your topic will come forth and will give their opinions. When you chat personally with them it gives you a chance to bond on a whole new level.


Tweetchats gives you a chance to get know many opinions. Not all the thoughts about a thing are same. These chats broaden the way you think. They give you a chance to widen the intellect within which your thought process works.


Variety of TweetChats


When you sign up for Tweetchats you can have hundreds of options through which you can browse. Starting with your interests, you also join the chats where you just want to gain knowledge about the topic. Even before starting you can just browseto see which topics catch your attention. You can attend as many chats as you want. The topics of chats will start with a hashtag. For example: #mediachat.


The chats vary from media, entertainment, technology, news, current trends, world, business, sports, etc. Topics from all round the globe are discussed.  Sometimes there are some featured guests who interact with the people, answer their questions and will put forth their opinions. The wide variety of conversational topics givetweetchats an added advantage.


How to join tweetchats in


If you already are a member of twitter, then all you have to do is to authorize your account for If not, then you first have to sign up on twitter, then you can proceed with the same procedure. As soon as you authorize, you will get an option to browse through the various chats. You can be a follower of any of them.



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If you wish to be a part of a discussion with some really learned people, tweetchats is what you have to sign up for.

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