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Branding on the Internet – KeywordsKeywords are very powerful on the internet. They can bring you hundreds to probably thousands of visitors if you hit on a good keyword optimization strategy. Some people and companies are even paying for a better keyword and marketing it over the internet, but the fact is that the people who are searching the internet typed a keyword or key phrase into a search engine might visit a certain site but, in the end, leave that site without purchasing what that particular site is promoting.

It is often the case, in fact, because they do not actually intend to purchase the product or the service of that site in the first place, they just search for the relevant keywords and just drove by to visit that site. In this case, from the point of view of the searcher, you wasted their time.

If you value the conversion more than visitors alone, you may be thinking of paying for a brand name on the internet rather than optimizing keywords relevant to your service or products to gain visitors.

Optimizing keywords may bring your site to the top spot or it may be on the first page, if not on top. Normally, as a rule of thumb on the internet, if you are the first on the list, then your site will definitely be busy from the clicks of internet users, but think of this – do you think you can convert those clicks to revenue just because you are on the top of the listings?

Brand keywords will definitely add extra costs. It will also cost your visitors to decline, even if your site is one of the topmost organic searches. Those are the gray areas, but if you are on the internet looking for revenues, which is normally the reason, then all you care about should be cash conversion for your service or products and not thousands of low quality visitors.

Sure, visitors will decline because there are only a few people who will choose to search for your brand name. However, these few are surely targeting your product and that is why they particularly searched over the internet for your brand name. In return, the rate conversion of visitors to revenue will definitely go up.

However, every business has different situations so they must have a unique strategy in running their brand name campaign. Also, this cannot work without a comprehensive advertising strategy over the internet, because people cannot be informed about your brand names. You may therefore expect a very low rate of visitors to purchase something from your website.

Moreover, there are still many things to consider before you think of purchasing a brand name or brand words for your site. Your brand name must be unique, so that if people hit their search on your brand keywords, you will be sure that they can see them immediately. Another is that you must check the keywords your competitors use, as you may not want to advertise their products.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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