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Website RankingFocusing on the Big 3 is a must to maximize your website traffic through the search engines. And what or who are the Big3? These are Google, MSN, and Yahoo search.


As a search engine, Google still dominates the web, with Yahoo and MSN as the next two choices for people utilizing the search market. Although Google is generally the first preference for internet users when trying to find something of interest on the internet, this is not actually the case in all categories. In some categories you will notice that the website traffic coming from MSN and Yahoo search is considerably more than Google. And this is why it is important when optimizing your website to target not just Google but all of the Big 3.


For new and/or unique website offerings, Google will give high rankings faster for a couple of reasons such as the opportunity to provide something new to the www., and that there is less competition so there are not as many search results to compete with.


On the other hand, MSN is much faster not in only picking up a new website and listing it, but in achieving high rankings in the MSN search results in less than a month even in markets that are relatively competitive once your site is properly optimized. It therefore does have the advantage over Google in terms of driving more visitors to your website within a short time span.


While Yahoo Search can bring a steady flow of traffic into your website; the challenge lies in being listed in the top results. Normally it takes at least three months, if not more, for Yahoo to visit your website in the first place, no matter what techniques you use.


There are many other different search engines out there, but many of them feed their results directly from these Big 3. You are highly likely to see website traffic coming in from other search engines when you focus on utilizing these three search engines. It is normal for any business new to online marketing to find the process of achieving high listings for your business very daunting. However, with the right approach, determination, and focus, it won’t be long before you see thread results coming not just from the Big 3 search engines, but many other sources on the web.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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