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Zach Michonski in his Brafton blog article wrote “The Three E’s of Successful Content Marketing”, which makes it easy for anyone to remember the most important aspects of a content marketing campaign.


The 3 E’s in Content Marketing: Engage, Educate and Earn



What action do you want your content to trigger? Who are customers/clients or prospects? What do you think will move them in your desired direction? Your content must directly speak to your readers. It should match the personality of your audience. When you identify and know your audience, you can come up with the kind of content that will move them into action. The first thing you have to do then – know your audience.



Having a great content is not just beneficial for your audience but for yourself as well. While you keep them engaged and informed of relevant content, you are also rewarding yourself with the reality that they keep coming back to your site. Create a variety of content in your mix. You can incorporate videos and links that will increase your audience’s awareness of your brand.


This is the much-awaited phase of content marketing. However, before you are able to reap the rewards of your hardwork, you must first fulfill your responsibilities of keeping your audience engaged and educated. How do you do it? Michonski suggest “By identifying the pages that keep people on your site, inspire them [to] click around and—hopefully—convert, you’ll get insights on how to update your strategy for maximized, sustained content earnings.”


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