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The fact that your viewing habits affect your search results is one of the problems with tracking your progress. Google thinks that your site is valuable to you upon constant clicks or visits that you do and therefore automatically ranks your page higher.


If this is the case, you cannot distinguish the real visitors of your website so you must use a certain web tool that allows you to see your visitors and identify the specific keywords that actually attracts them to your page. Installing Google Analytics in your plug-in plays a vital role in this aspect of progress tracking.


There are a lot of free tools used to track your progress, some of which are:

Tracking Your Online Marketing Progress

Scroogle-Scraper, which is no-charge tool that anonymously forward your request to Google and gives you honest results in top 100 sites.


SEO Centro is another free online tool to track your progress. It allows you to enter your keywords and URL and shows you your rank position in the 3 major search engines along with your top 40 competitors.


More advanced progress tracking tools such as Market Samurai offers more in-depth analysis of your ranking. It even includes graphs for your reference.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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