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Whether you want to sell or upgrade your current house, certain renovations add value. However, not all renovations are equal. You need to weigh the renovation cost and the value it adds to your property to achieve the greatest benefits without going broke.

When renovating a house, you need to work from fixing to adding. Your priority should be fixing broken things or just getting rid of things that don’t provide any value. When that box is checked, you can spend those extra bucks splurging on features you have always wanted in your house.

However, if you are on a budget, renovating the bathrooms and kitchen will also get the job done. Let’s find out how you can do that!



The kitchen is the heart of a home. A kitchen model, if done right, can increase the value of your home by up to 10%. Consider the following tips when planning your kitchen remodeling:

Embrace Smart Home Technology

Incorporating smart technology in your home will not only make your everyday life easier but also bump the market value of your home. You can add:

  • Alexa or other smart appliances
  • Smart taps, and
  • Automated cabinets.

Most modern buyers dig for homes with smart technology, so your investment will be worth it either way!


Consider Closed Kitchens


Before tearing down kitchen walls to follow the open kitchen trend, know that it comes with challenges. Not all buyers prefer open kitchens as they lack privacy and need to be kept clean at all times. The debate about open vs. closed kitchens always comes down to personal preferences. Our advice is to maximize your selling potential by having the best of both worlds – a partially open kitchen.

Upgrade Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Handles


It’s amazing how a seemingly insignificant piece like a cabinet knob can make your kitchen seem cheap or old. Whether you rebuild your cabinets or not, updating this hardware may give your kitchen a facelift.

Bonus tip: White cabinets can brighten up a kitchen, are timeless, and are easier for future owners to repaint if they want something else.



The value of your property may increase by up to 4% with a bathroom makeover. This common home improvement has a high return on investment, especially if your bathroom furniture is old, out-of-date, or damaged.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing in a smart, cost-efficient manner.


Build Niches and Recesses for Additional Space


People often overlook the benefits that niches provide.


  • provide extra storage space
  • upgrade a bathroom into a premium environment
  • are easy to install, and
  • are convenient and low maintenance.

If your bathrooms are small, niches can be your savior. Built inside the wall, they don’t just give an illusion of space; they create actual storage space.

They eliminate the need for cabinets and traditional shelving, thus giving a modern look. Nowadays, most buyers prefer bathrooms with at least two niches.


Reconsider Bathroom Layout


Renovation is the best time to change the inaccessible bathroom layout you have always hated. You could turn a half-bathroom into a full one, add or remove a bathtub, or even switch shower and bidet positions if the previous didn’t work for you.

However, you should consult a professional before you decide to ­turn your bathroom upside-down. Choose a layout that works best for your needs while staying cost-friendly. Here are some great layouts that will help you impress potential buyers with your innovative bathrooms.

Bonus tip: Adding a shower bench or a curbless shower helps to show the potential buyers that your home is good for the elderly.


Don’t Overlook Ventilation


This might be the most essential tip for a bathroom renovation. If you don’t already have a proper ventilation system in your bathroom, add one now! No matter where you live or what the climate is like, a bathroom with no ventilation is bound to create excessive humidity.

A good ventilation system prevents moisture and mold while ensuring hygiene. You can consider windows or exhaust fans based on what your space needs. Excessively humid bathrooms are deal-breakers for most buyers.

Bonus tip: Windows can help you save energy by providing ventilation AND sunlight!


Final Word


There is no predesigned way to remodel a house. Pick what adds the greatest value to your property while staying within budget. Don’t shy away from spending a little extra–you will get it back.

Happy renovating!





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