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Imagine if you could stand at the top of a well made platform, in front of a crowded place, filled with people from different countries and having different ages, all coming from a large variety of social origins and most importantly all talking your own language. Imagine now if you had an important message to communicate to these millions of people, a message that they might find interesting but most importantly a piece of information that would change your life. Well, imagine now that you are sitting at your living-room, or even bed-room, and that you could do all I have just mentioned, from your own spot. If you have come to imagine all this, welcome to the social media marketing world!



The New World Of Social Media Marketing


Pete Cashmore, Founder and CEO, Mashable about the Future of Social Media Marketing


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Social Media Marketing

The amazing impact of social media on the entire world is not to be ignored. Nowadays, social media are used for high causes and gather people that are interested in changing. Today, there is no need of paying a large amount of money to have three minutes on TV channels during lunch time and say few words that people won’t even understand while being busy handling a piece of bread to their sons.


The world has taken new dimensions. Interacting with people is easier and if you have a new product to introduce to people, you would better do it on Twitter or Facebook. The consumers now spend more time staring at their smart phones than admiring the ads on the street. You will reach them easier on the wide web than in real life, and the effect you would have on them will just amaze you!


Social media marketing is a powerful tool. It has several criterions that, once aware of them, might change the size of your business in a second. In fact, the impact of social media marketing has taken people to sign petitions on the web to have Betty White host Saturday Night Life. In few words, social media marketing has made people more active. It influences them through their devices and gets them to make real actions in the actual life.


The modern companies are all keen on the effects of social media marketing. Some are still amazed by the impact they are able to have of the consumers through websites and blogs. People keep reading all day long descriptions of products or even the experiences of people with some services. The outcome of these actions is a reaction of these same people that most likely would be purchasing this product or that service.


If marketing is about influencing people, and social media is about gathering people and interacting, then social media marketing is what all the firms from all over the world need to evolve.


It is a tool that should not be ignored by the companies. The real impacts of social media marketing are numerous and amazingly efficient. No company could afford missing the chance given by social media marketing to improve their sales or increase the number of their clients. It is just amazing!

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