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3 Keys to Network Marketing SuccessWith the birth of social networking came so many more opportunities than anyone could have imagined. One of those opportunities was to earn money online without much hassle or much cost. There are over thousands of entrepreneurs and advertisers online toiling away to achieve ultimate success when it comes to social networking.

Most experts say that there is a formula to achieve that success. After browsing through thousands of ways to be successful in network marketing, I have come up with the top three keys to network marketing success.

The first key to Network Marketing Success is to start with friends

We all know that social networks present a huge pool of potential contacts, but befriending and talking to strangers and trying to make new friends online isn’t the main goal. Most people who join social networks are mainly attracted to these sites so that they can interact with people they already know. So, to start your success in network marketing, you need to assist interaction among an already existing circle of friends. Almost certainly users will create new relations, but a good profile/site is built on the foundation of existing relations.

The second key to network marketing success is the ability to be patient and hardworking

Why does a user need to be patient and hard working? Even if it seems other people have an easier time when it comes to network marketing compared to others, they go through the same process of having to build up their site. A social network site is all about the profile. The profile involves the page layout, pictures, announcements and consistent profile maintenance. You will need to make sure you adjust to your audience’s interests if you want to market your profile/page to its full extent. As an internet marketer, you will also need to bring the audience experience to life, so the more useful and descriptive information, the better.

Updates once or twice a day would remind your contacts about your profile/page and will then create interest to check out your profile. Broadcasting the status and upcoming events of whatever you decide to market may help too. It has become a trend in social networks that users like, comment, follow and repost certain posts (pictures, updates, events, etc) that they like or find interesting. As much as possible as an internet marketer, you need to make sure that your profile and whatever you post will be appealing and involving to your audience. Be patient, you cannot achieve success overnight. Although there are exceptions for most, success takes time. Do not give up too easily on your social network page, persevere and you will reap the rewards.

The third key to success is identifying your target audience

As much as we like to think we could get anyone and everyone to like what we market, that isn’t the case. “To each his own”, is what they say. People have their own tastes, their own likes and their own preferences. You could group these people to their similarities when it comes to tastes, likes and preferences. To be able to be a successful internet marketer you need to distinguish what target market you want to appeal to and stick to that. Use these three keys as a guide to your success in network marketing.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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