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Checking Out MLM / Network Marketing OpportunitiesYou probably encounter pop-ups like “Become a Millionaire”, “Make Money 24 Hours a Day”, “Instant Success”, and more on your computer screen each time you browse the Internet. And who wouldn’t love to earn easy cash? These headlines are pretty much exciting especially in our present economic condition.

Ideas of amassing a good amount of money without any investment or special skills appeal to our desire and need to be financially stable. And the fact that some existing companies have built their names on this marketing and distribution framework adds up to our urge to try it ourselves. But of course, being naturally inquisitive humans, we still hold some doubts within – “How do I know if this is a scam?” “Can I really make money from it?

Asking ourselves these questions is normal. Of course, we wouldn’t want to risk everything we have right now for something we aren’t quite sure of. And to help you get out of this dilemma, let’s check out the most interesting questions and facts about MLM/Network Marketing Opportunities.


  • Your upline. Who is s/he? What do you know about this person? Can you trust everything s/he says? Is she willing to honestly show off how much she is making? What about the founders of the company – who are they? Do they have previous reputable and successful businesses? You have to literally investigate all the way to the top to make sure if these people are worth your time and trust.



  • Timeframe of earning money. When would you have your first earning? A demand for the product will let you earn money within weeks. Don’t go for network marketing opportunities that will give you profits months or a year after.



  • The recruitment process. What is the primary pitch of this network marketing opportunity? The most ethical way of building a downline is to have people sign up as customers first to try the products themselves and then eventually sign up as a rep once they are satisfied with it.


  • Your purpose. Why do you consider joining MLM/network marketing opportunities? Doing it to save you from your current financial crunch or to get rich in a year is not enough of a reason to push through. Liking and believing in the product/s will more likely lead you to success.


Going over these as honest as you can and entertaining MLM/network marketing opportunities with your eyes wide open are the best ways to ensure that you’re engaging with the right opportunity.

Surely, there are lots of people who have successfully invested in MLM/network marketing opportunities but there are also a lot of them who ended up wasting their time and money because of false hopes and wrong objectives in joining these types of market. For more information on checking out MLM/network marketing opportunities, please subscribe to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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