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Frustrated with your Life? You Have a ChoiceMany of us believe that only those who are born rich are the ones capable of succeeding. So instead of examining and understanding how the big names in this world were able to achieve such greatness, these people just choose to sulk in their places, weeping for the kind of life that they are initially blessed with.

They blame their country, their state or the government for not being capable of providing equal opportunities for everyone. They see their lives as glasses half-empty and disregard the half-full contents of it. They only notice the negative aspects of their lives and take pride in plainly envying how lucky others are when in fact they can do something to change their lives for the better.

Each one of us is bound to succeed. This is the reality that most of us are scared to face. Why? Perhaps we are afraid to take responsibilities for ourselves and our actions. Maybe we want something or someone to throw our blame into when everything goes terribly wrong. And these are just few of the endless excuses that we have when it comes to owning our defeat and doing something about it.

What distinguishes winners from losers is the former’s ability to stick with their goals and do just about anything to get what they want. They are persistent. They don’t know a thing about giving up and running away from their dreams. When the times get tough, they pull out all their strength and courage to remain the last one standing in glory. They never shut their doors from any opportunity that could possibly give them the kind of life that they have always hoped for. These are the traits of a winner and unfortunately, only a few of us belong to this class.

Do you want to emerge from the crowd and leave your old ways for something better? Do you feel frustrated with your present state yet still find a seed of hope in your heart that things will soon favor your side? Do you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve whatever you desire? Then you certainly should not miss out this opportunity.

Hang out with me at, Monday, June 4th at 7:00 PM EST to start making a huge difference in your life. When the going gets tougher, you surely do have a choice – either you figure this out and grab this opportunity or stick with the kind of life you have right now for the rest of your life. You choose.

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Annetta Powell
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