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How to Build a Successful Network Marketing TeamEvery business in the world depends on a good working team. It is impossible that one person keeps a large or medium size business running by her or himself. This is why it is so important to find the right people and the right motivation for them to dedicate time and effort to building and maintaining the business on hand. This is especially important when you are talking about a network marketing team, everybody must be good and be able to carry his or her own weight.

A network marketing team needs to be active and must always be ready to go the extra mile. It is impossible for a network marketing business to succeed if it is necessary to drag people along who do not work and do not bring clients to the table but, at the end of the day, will take a piece of the action for themselves. A good team multiplies efforts and profits daily and without delays. Marketing is based on pro-active salesmen and women – there is no room for laziness.

When building your team it is important that goals be set. When each goal is reached by the individual and the team itself, there must be rewards and the next goal must be set. Standards must be kept high all the time, if today we sold twenty, tomorrow the goal should be fifty, not thirty. Acting and being positive is very important and will drive your team to greater achievements and success.

It is also important that those not willing to excel be gradually removed or allowed to remove themselves from the team. Even though it would be great to drag them along for kicks, it is not fair to those who really work to share the loot with them. A specific amount of time must be set so that everybody knows what is expected from them during this time and that, if they are below standard, they will have to retire.

Usually this is not necessary, the bad salesmen and women or the lazy people will usually walk away by themselves. Losers tend to make a small, insignificant effort and when it fails, they just let go and walk away. It is important that you arm yourself with patience while building your team, many will come and go before you find the right people and you surround yourself with good, working people.

These people are all friendly and they work together, they share their ideas and help each other when things get tough. These people are important to keep together, around you. Make sure their incentives are good and that they are getting enough money. If you cannot make a sale, it is possible that someone else can. Pass the client on, you will share in the profit anyway.

The bottom line is that they need to get a check within 90 days in their hands or they will quit the business. It is up to you to make sure they have all the tools they need to work with too. Communication is another important factor of a great working team. For more information on How to build a successful Network Marketing Team, please subscribe to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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