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Internet Marketing: Startup Costs Not considering the amounts of funds that you already have, it is important to keep in mind the business startup costs once you have your internet business already set up. The best thing with startup costs today is how they have become very affordable. There are two main startup expenses that you will need for the start of your internet marketing.


Not considering the model of the internet business that you choose to set up, you need to create your own site. For instance, affiliates are provided with a website which they use for promoting their products. However, you should note that the most successful affiliates are the ones who create their own websites.


One major benefit of internet marketing is the low startup costs that are required. It is also beneficial because the returns are quick to get, compared to offline ventures. Three primary expenses are what you will be required to pay. These are to cater for the domain name, hosting, and the auto responder.



The first cost that you have to cater for is the domain name. The domain name refers to the name that you want your website to be called. By typing the chosen domain name of the search engines box, one is able to locate your website. It is also referred to as the web address or URL. Acquisition of the domain name does not mean that you already have your website. Instead, you have just bought the right to make use of that particular name on your website. Good examples of domain names include, and so on.


If you want a profitable website that can greatly promote your internet business, you have to obtain a domain rather than using any other website name that you may find out there. The costs of registering a domain name are very reasonable nowadays. Expect to part with about $10 annually.

Hosting account

The second startup cost is that of acquiring a reliable web host. Hosting acts as the home of your website. It contains potent servers that allow your domain to link with the internet. Both the domain name and the hosting account are vital when you are starting your website.

To get a reliable web host, ensure that you search the internet for the best web host service providers. You should not jump into a web hosting deal simply because the rates that they offer are apparently cheap; but this does not mean that you should look for the most expensive service provider. Just make sure that you have read the customer feedback and reviews of various companies. A reliable company will ensure that if there technical problems occur; they are solved as soon as possible.

Auto responder

Finally, you need to set up an auto responder. The auto responder allows you to automatically send emails.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach



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