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Recruitment in Network MarketingNetwork Marketing can be a tough and tricky industry especially if you are just starting out in building your business online. Have you ever experienced sending hundreds of emails to prospective prospects only to gain no response or having an appointment with people that appears interested in your products at first but then turning down your offer in the end?

If you are an internet marketer who is having a difficult time drawing other people to you and your products, you are probably marketing the wrong way or you do not have a good system on how to network market and recruit the right people for your business. Maybe you are still a fanatic of the old-way of marketing, which is hard-selling.

The trend now is attraction marketing. Rather than channelling your efforts in pushing your products to other people, savvy network marketers deemed it wiser to establish a good image of themselves in the marketing industry. Attraction marketing means drawing the people to YOU—your expertise, your advice, your views on matters which are important to them, in short, these prospects are seeking for anything or everything that you have to say or do to help them rather than you seeking out for them to buy your products.

So, the key here is to market yourself effectively, you have to build an image where people trust you. People do not buy the product they buy you so you have to build relationships with people before you start pitching a product or a service to them. Let me repeat: someone that they can TRUST to help them with their problem. Admit it, the prime reason that most of us are not biting into an offer is because we either do not trust the product enough or we do not trust the person or the company selling the product. So, remember, trust is everything. Once you have developed trust and confidence from your prospective prospects, promoting your products would soon be a piece of cake.

Here are three basic things that you must consider in order to build a better image of yourself to your prospective prospects which in return can rev up your network marketing recruitment:

Let them know you better

It is important to let your prospects feel that you are there not just to do business but to also to establish a genuine friendship with them by knowing them better and by extending your help. Spamming your prospects with tons of business e-mails and newsletters will turn them off, rather, consider creating blogs and signing up in social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter wherein you can engage in a conversation with your prospect. These networking sites provide a venue for you and your prospect to have a free exchange of thoughts and ideas plus the fact that through these sites, they can have a sneak peek of your products and services without the feeling of being pressured to do or buy anything.

On your blog, include something about yourself that can boost up to your credibility such as your area of expertise, some success stories as well as some of the major drawbacks and challenges that you have encountered in the course of doing the business which you were able to surpassed. This way, you are letting your prospect know you better, where you are coming from and what you can do for them. Sharing personal stories would convey a message that you understand what they are going through because you yourself were in the same situation at some point in your life, and that like you, they can also rise above those challenges!

Be confident and unique

As I have said earlier, you cannot get recruits if people do not trust you. You may be having brilliant ideas and genuine desire to help your prospect but how can they possibly trust someone who appear to be not so sure about himself? Another trick in attracting people is to appear confident. Let your prospects feel that you are the right person that can help them. Write and converse with authority in your voice without being too intimidating. When marketing online, it is also wise to use your photo than the logo of your company, as majority of the prospective prospects prefer to see the face of the person whom they are dealing with. However, being confident is not enough. You must always present unique products, services and ideas to your prospects. Never be afraid to think outside the box and do not go along with what other network marketers are saying.

Be effective

Lastly, the most important way to attract and keep the prospects is to deliver or even exceed what you have promised. No other thing can turn your prospects away than being dissatisfied with your product or service. Master your craft. Attend trainings, seminars and symposiums, read books, do everything to broaden your knowledge in the field of network marketing as this is the very same knowledge that you would impart to you prospects.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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