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The Power of Conference Calls for Your MLM BusinessEvery multi-level marketing (MLM) business owner cannot possibly underestimate the importance of conference calls in his or her company. After all, in this field, proper communication and conveying of message spells out the difference between a very successful venture and a mediocre attempt at network marketing. But what if you are afraid of speaking in public?

How do you get over your fear and still participate well in a conference call—among other things? Before anything else, though, you have to keep in mind that being in a MLM business entails a lot of public speaking. Therefore, it would not do you any good to be extremely shy talking on conference calls. You’re going to have to deal with it sooner or later, so you might as well do it right now. Here are a couple of things that can give you a nudge in the right direction:

Be prepared


A conference call, like all other aspects of running a business, requires sufficient preparation in order to be successful. If you know you’re going to speak on a conference call, be sure you are actually prepared for it. You shouldn’t even consider not preparing for a conference call and trying to “wing” a topic without preparing for the topic you are going to write about. Remember: how you deliver a speech—no matter how brief it is—on a conference call will be a reflection of you many you, your professionalism and, of course, your MLM business. It doesn’t have to be excellent on your first few tries, but it will definitely show how much effort and preparation you’ve exerted into it.

A conference call is a very important means to generate and exchange ideas, so you have to make certain you are getting your point across clearly. It would help if you give yourself ample time to review your materials thoroughly, and then practice—perhaps with a tape recorder. Also, when you’re on the actual conference call, take things one step at a time. Don’t swamp your brain with the topics you have to deliver all at once. Just focus on 1 topic at a time.


Focus on your audience or listeners


If you’re too nervous to handle a conference call, chances are you are focusing way too much on yourself, and barely noticing the people who will listen to you. That will only lead to disaster, so refrain from having that mindset. Focus your attention on the people that will be listening to you. They are the ones who are interested in learning things you will be sharing during the conference call, so it is just logical that you keep them in mind. And don’t worry about sounding “stupid” or not making any sense at all. If your aim is to impart things that you think your audience will find helpful, then you should be able to diffuse some of your nervousness and execute a good speech over the phone.

A conference call is an avenue to communicate new ideas and generate interesting insights to your networking marketing team. If you incorporate it properly into your MLM business, it will definitely help you build your brand and position yourself as a expert in your field.

Annetta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach

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